Mobile Online Vision Boards: The Definitive Guide

Online mobile vision boards are amazingly powerful and can be created with software or internet applications that you already know and use everyday.

An online vision board is available 24/7. By having it at the ready you can use it to shift your thinking or emotional state changing your vibration into something you’d rather experience. Or view your vision board several times a day to remind yourself to stay focused on doing things that work toward your goals or dreams.

Because you have an almost infinite space to work online your vision board does not have to be so jammed and overwhelmed with information. You can organize the board into sections or even create a separate online vision board for each aspect of your life.

With dynamic content like videos, music, articles, quotes, and affirmations, the Online Mobile Vision Board leaves the old cut-and-paste paper variety of vision board back in the 20th century. 

It’s easy to make an online mobile Vision Board with apps you already use—PowerPoint presentations and social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and more.

There are many advantages to having an online vision board. You can change and rearrange the images and words on your vision board. It becomes dynamic, interesting and current.

Multi-media goodies amplify the inspiration and strategic vision of an ordinary vision board. But what’s really exciting is that Mobile Vision Boards provide powerful real-time motivation for you to take inspired action. And that is the ultimate game changer for conscious manifesting. Why is that?

Gazing at a collage on the wall a few times a week is nice, but that artwork won’t help you when you’re out there in the real world, struggling with doubt. You need reminders right there with you, at your fingertips, and the Mobile Vision Board is the perfect tool for the job.

In my work building Custom PowerVision Boards and Visualization Routines for clients, I even specify mini-boards to be used in case of a doubt or distraction emergency. We call it Urgent Care for your dreams. This is a necessary component because the truth is, we often start out visualizing and affirming with enthusiasm, but get quickly derailed by life’s business and limiting beliefs. My work is to help you stay on track… all the way to the finish line, where your goal or dream becomes your reality.

Mobile Vision Boards can be both specific and holistic. Use them for a particular goal, or enlist them in manifesting your overall big-picture dream life. Either way, this modern version of the tried-and-true paper art vision board hands you the epic force of faith-bolstering that you need to move any mountains currently standing in your way.

The other component, which is often missing from a conscious manifestor’s routine, is to actually have a routine. Consistency, persistence, and inspired action are as equally important as the clarity and emotion that a well-designed Vision Board brings, so check out this helpful resource for staying on track with a plan for exercising your “manifesting muscles.”

Create your Mobile Vision Board

STEP 1: Gather Your Content

Collect all manner of inspiration! Quotes, images, articles, videos, music, and more.

Find the stuff that fills you with power, possibilities, passion, and “I mean it!” motivation. Gather material that shakes you. Whether it elicits a positive “Yes I can” or it shakes you to the core with deep desire (as in “I want that… I want that so so badly that it burns a hole in me because I don’t have it!”), just choose the stuff that sparks strong emotion. Skip the ho-hum images and media. After all, it’s an abundant universe, so why manifest something unless you’re truly excited about it?

Here’s some fodder to get you started. The inspiring materials you collect could represent…

  • Experiences you want to have
  • Qualities you desire
  • Objects
  • Lifestyle you want
  • Things you want to succeed at
  • Quotes that lift you up
  • Images that give you hope
  • Songs that make you soar
  • Videos that open your heart

Find items that you’ve bookmarked in a browser, saved on your hard drive, in your emails, etc.

In addition to online inspiration, you may also find physical things that inspire you: poster board style vision boards, tarot cards you like, angel cards, photographs of people you love, things you have circled in books, scraps of paper with a favorite quote on it, a fortune cookie fortune. Anything goes!

Capture non-digital inspiration by taking digital photos or making scans. Take videos or make audio clips of moments that inspire or motivate you. Have fun collecting all your inspiration! Gather it all together in one place. That place could be a folder on your desktop, a bookmark collection, or you could use an app such as Evernote or Dropbox. Find the method that works best for you.

As a Visualization Designer, once my clients have done the initial compiling, I’m able to assess what interests and motivates them. I then create beautiful custom Mobile Vision Boards (on their platform of choice), personalized affirmations + music, and strategic plans for using these inspirational tools and getting results.

One of the beautiful things about online Visualization Gear is that all of it can be updated and optimized as things shift and change. Once you reach your goal, you can modify your Mobile Vision Board and recycle some of the still-relevant, still-inspiring contents for your next big manifestation. With an old-fashioned paper vision board, you need to start from scratch.

STEP 2: Organize into Buckets

Now that you’ve amassed your inspirational materials, sort them into categories based on their functions:

  • Makes me feel good and upgrades my vibration
  • Inspires me to take action
  • Keeps me believing and having faith in certain outcomes

When you’re feeling blue, pick up your phone or computer and access your “feel good” files.

When you procrastinate, access your “take action” files.

When doubtful thoughts overtake your mind, access your “keep the faith” files.

It is basically a process of figuring out what materials you need, and organizing them in a way that makes it easy to grab the exact inspiration and motivation you need, when and where you need it, 24/7.

Working with clients 1-on-1, I usually have them identify key moments in their life where they anticipate needing a quick change in attitude. Then I help them align those recurring moments with some of the useful  “bucket” categories. In this way, the Visualization Gear is completed tailored to the person’s life and goals.

STEP 3: Mobilize Your Vision

There are many ways to make an online vision board that you can access on your phone or other mobile device. You can use software applications, internet applications, specially designed vision board applications and my favorite… social media applications. Most of these have privacy settings to keep your vision board away from the nay-sayers of the whole world (this is very important).

There are also online vision board apps available that are specially designed for vision boards. Jack Canfield has one. “Dream It Alive” is another. [Read more about online vision board making.]

I prefer applications that I already use everyday, to keep things simple and cut down on the number of apps in my busy techie world. I add to my vision boards throughout the week, and since much of that new content comes through social media, it’s extremely handy to also house the vision board itself on the social media platform.

I’ve implemented all types of online vision boards, so I’ll share with you some of the ideas and methods I’ve discovered:
Slide Presentation Software
You can use software applications like Powerpoint, Apple’s Keynote, or Google Drive Slides. Make each slide into a separate idea or inspiration. Create as many slides as you need.
When your slides are loaded up with representations of your heart’s desire, simply run a slideshow of it anytime you need a lift. You can make multiple documents for each goal or dream. You can also export your slideshow as a .mov and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo (with privacy settings on if you prefer) and watch it whenever you need a lift to keep you moving forward. You can also put it on to access it there.
Text Document Software
You can use Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, or Google Docs to create a digital vision board. Insert your images and enter inspiring text into one document or several documents. Convert them to PDF format so you can access them from anywhere, on any device.
YouTube has a Creator Studio that you can access from your user profile settings. Insert images and video clips, then type in text to make custom designed videos. It’s easy and a quick way to create a vision board movie and edit and add to it anytime. Be sure to change the settings to “Private” or “Unlisted,” as most new videos default to “public.”

Blog Websites
These kinds of online vision boards are amazing because you can go very deep with them. I create WordPress vision board websites for myself and my clients. They allow for endless versatility and maximum creative control over the format of the inspirational content. But this is really for those of you who are already blogging or comfortable with website design. has free sites you can make and keep private. Also is Google’s version of a blog site and is also dynamite for an extensive online vision board. Google sites is another viable alternative. Tumblr is also a super way to make a mobile vision board. All of these options have private settings if you want that.
Social Media Platforms
Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest can all be used as vision boards. Yes! And I LOVE THEM for that. I love them so much that I wrote an ebook on how to use them for vision boards. Sign up below to grab a copy of it!
You can create private unpublished Facebook Pages to house your Mobile Vision Boards. Or make a private community in Google+ if that’s your favorite platform. And of course Pinterest is great for vision boards (change the board to “secret” instead of public). Recently, Pinterest came out with Sections that further organize boards by sub-topics. This makes it a more viable tool for online vision board creation.
STEP 4: Load Up Your Vision Board and Use It

Use your mobile vision board to focus on your goal or dream. Since it’s organized into functional segments, use the right materials for the job. At times you need to remind yourself of what you’re doing and why. At times you may need to find the energy to jumpstart yourself and take action steps toward achieving your goal.

Your Mobile Vision Board is there to motivate you, inspire you, remind you, bolster you, and cheer you on… especially when you can’t count on friends and family to support you. Most people don’t understand the concept of deliberate manifesting. It’s important that you don’t share your vulnerable dreams with naysayers (unless you’re emotionally bulletproof, of course).

With an online vision board, you can program yourself with positivity on a consistent basis. This barrage of fresh inspiring information creates new neural pathways that change your attitude and behavior. If you’re serious about achieving your goals and realizing your dreams, a Mobile Vision Board is the power tool you need to make some big shifts in your vibrational output.

My Vision Board Story

I have been making vision boards and writing affirmations for over 30 years. In the beginning I was a graphic designer and painter, so I always had these very cool looking custom affirmations hanging from my wall or in an art journal. Many of my cherished manifestations unfolded as I experienced travel, creativity, education, love and learning.

When I started using computers, my vision boards came to life. With PowerPoint my vision boards became storyboards, complete with music and animation. I experimented with unusual content, adding new functionality to the initial purpose of a vision board.

Then I realized my vision board could expand into an entire website. I made a private WordPress website and played with blog elements and pages and plugins and slideshows. With all the interesting and inspiring things I found online, my vision board began “speaking” to me like never before.

I researched what elements make creative visualization more effective—including brain science. I read a huge array of books on affirmations, the law of attraction, motivation, success and manifestation. Pulling from all this research, experience, and creativity, I created an innovative system that makes vision boards come alive with content and simplicity of design.

I created custom sites and online vision boards for clients, but also love teaching others how to create their own. I wanted to make this technology available to everyone because it is an incredibly powerful yet simple transformational device.

Since most people don’t know WordPress, I looked to platforms they already knew such as Facebook or Pinterest. Even though the applications are simpler, the vision boards made from them can still result in a powerful manifesting experience.

I invite you to download a copy of my free ebook so you can learn how to get your favorite social media working for you, helping you to manifest your dreams!

Regardless of what tools you like to use in manifesting your dreams, maintaining a consistent practice is key to getting the results you desire.

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