PowerPoint Vision Boards (The Rockstar of Online Vision Boards)


PowerPoint vision boards are my absolute favorite method to make digital and online vision boards. A Powerpoint presentation lends itself to making amazing vision board presentations. Options abound! The layouts are interesting, as you can make PowerPoint slides with any combination of text and imagery, add animations and slide transitions for visual impact… AND set it all to music.

BONUS: you gain clarity on what your desires and intentions are (and are not) by moving the slides around.

Introducing PowerPoint Vision Boards

PowerPoint vision boards are a versatile starting point for digital/online vision boards in other programs, apps and social media. I especially like them for overall lifestyle design, but they also work well for particular life goals and dreams.

I started using PowerPoint to make vision boards when I first transitioned to digital vision board creation (from old-school paper vision boards) back in the early 2000s. It felt like I was making an actual presentation to myself—and to the Universe—for the life I wanted. That’s exactly what I was doing. And so should you: pitch your ideas to your subconscious mind! Pitch them often enough, and clearly enough, until the magic takes hold.

PowerPoint vision board making helps me get clear on what I most desire.

I make many slides of what I think I want, then prioritize them after shuffling them around. I’m able to discover what I truly value vs. what I don’t really want, by having it all so clearly displayed in front of me. Using my emotional guidance, I determine from my heart what is authentically exciting.

Working with a PowerPoint presentation gets all these swirling (and sometimes conflicting) ideas out of my head and into the light of day so I can easily sort it all out.

PowerPoint gives the gift of clarity, and the framework to map out an actual path to what you want your life to be—without getting bogged down in the “hows.” At least, not right away.

Interesting Layouts

PowerPoint boards offer several layouts. A slide can contain just an image, just text, images plus text, or a collage of images and text. The text serves as visual/written affirmations to program the subconscious mind.

The versatility is great because with some slides, you want an abstract image, but with others, you want specific ideas or concepts to come to you without the distraction of images.

PowerPoint board layouts can replicate a classic glue-and-paper magazine vision board, or they can be more modern and zen-like with minimal phrases or symbols.

What’s really cool is that with PowerPoint boards, you can include audio. That means timing the slides to your favorite songs, adding spoken affirmations, sound effects… anything your imagination can come up with! [Learn more about doing Creative Visualization with music.]

Because PowerPoint offers easy animation sequences from slide to slide, or from one element to another within a slide, you can create a vision board that is alive and dynamic. Of course, some people prefer more fixed art and less movement. Whatever your preferences are, PowerPoint vision boards are the perfect tool.

Infographic Introducing PowerPoint Vision Boards
Infographic Introducing How to Make a PowerPoint Vision Board

Have it Your Way

You can access PowerPoint vision boards in many different ways, most of which can be made private, unlisted or secret. You may want to keep your visioning to yourself (at least until you start seeing evidence of it becoming your reality). Or, if you’re co-creating with other people, you can share links to your special PowerPoint board through your favorite social media.

Your smartphone can display a native powerpoint deck using Google docs, or import a PowerPoint presentation into Slideshare.

You can export your PowerPoint slides as jpeg or png images, and upload them as posts to Facebook, Pinterest, and Goggle+. Or use the PowerPoint presentation into a self-playing slideshow video, and upload it to YouTube for a living dynamic vision board at your fingertips, 24/7.

PowerPoint is a great way to create original custom content for all kinds of online vision board platforms.

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  1. HI Miss Wells! Just want to say I love what you’re doing. I’m creating a visioning programme for launch later this year, and I’m SO going to be recommending your site/blog and Visioning Planner to my students. Feel free to check out who the heck I might be on google – but that’s not the point of me contacting you. I jjust love what you’re doing,a nd wanted to say so!

    1. I am delighted to hear that you are into visioning and intuition. I went to YOUR website too and love what you’re up to. Thank you for noticing. Please let me see what your programme is about when you’re ready to launch. I’d be interested in learning about it.

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