PowerPoint Vision Boards (The Rockstar of Online Vision Boards)


PowerPoint Vision Boards are powerful tools to actualize your dreams and goals with speed and clarity.

They are immediate, motivating, dynamic, and completely customized with music and animation to change your vibration from ho-hum to high energy engagement.

In this blogpost, I’ll show you examples of PowerPoint Vision Boards, give you instructions, and teach you to make our very own version.
Then you will learn tips on how to design the content and slide layouts. And, finally how and when to use them.

Below is an example of a vision board created in PowerPoint then uploaded to Slideshare.

CHAPTER ONE: Introducing the PowerPoint Vision Board
CHAPTER TWO: How to Make Your Very Own PowerPoint Vision Board
CHAPTER THREE: Design Content and Layouts
CHAPTER FOUR: Upload and Manifest


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Let’s kick things off with an introduction and demonstration of a PowerPoint Vision Board.
Specifically, I’ll describe the benefits of using one and show you PowerPoint examples such as:

  • Slideshows
  • Videos
  • Pinterest Boards
  • Booklets

Let’s dive in.


Introducing the PowerPoint Vision Board

What Is a PowerPoint Vision Board?

PowerPoint Vision Board-making is a phenomenal way to make Vision Boards that get you into action or to vibrate higher so you enlist the law of attraction.

Making a PowerPoint presentation is the most versatile starting point for making digital/online Vision Boards as you can export them into all kinds of media and applications.

I like to use them as guides for overall lifestyle design, but they also work well for specific goals. They are especially effective to shift your mindset away from an unwelcome barrage of negative or anxious thoughts.

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Infographic Introducing PowerPoint Vision Boards

This kind of vision board making is immensely powerful because you can:

  • Completely customize your vision board
  • Design interesting layouts with words and images of your choosing
  • Easily change the content
  • Create books, presentations, videos, and social media boards (think Pinterest and Facebook) from them
  • Make them come to life with animation and music
  • Access them 24/7

What Is a Vision Board?

In case you don’t know what a vision board is you can read my vision board article or I can give you a quick version right now.

A Vision Board is a collection of images and words cut out from magazines that are glued to a rather large board depicting your most heartfelt wishes and desires.

The board should be set or hung in a prominent place so you can see it every day. Making a Vision Board helps you focus on what you want, and, seeing the Vision Board every day keeps you focused on what you want and helps you pull those things into your life.

Now take this Vision Board concept and apply it to a slide presentation. Instead of cutting and pasting from magazines you cut and paste from images you find on the internet making an Online Vision Board.

Then instead of hanging your Vision Board on a wall you have a Vision Board on your laptop or mobile phone where you can see it anywhere at any time.

Benefits of a PowerPoint Vision Board

A PowerPoint presentation lends itself to making amazing Vision Board presentations. Options abound!

The layouts are interesting: you can make PowerPoint slides that have a single image, text, or text with an image, or make collages with an infinite variety of images and text.

The content can be completely freeform and random, or it can be very specific and pinpoint a particular goal.

Add animations and slide transitions for visual impact. Plus, by moving slides around, you get to identify your desires and intentions. Then, when you feel your PowerPoint Vision Board is finished, you can export it in a variety of ways as a video, book, or upload to make an Online Vision Board on your phone, or Pinterest, and/or Facebook.

How It All Started

I began using PowerPoint to make Vision Boards when I first transitioned to digital Vision Board creation (from old-school paper Vision Boards) back in the early 2000s. It felt like I was making an actual presentation to myself and to the Universe for the life I wanted. And, that’s exactly what I was doing. And, so should you: pitch your ideas to your subconscious mind! Pitch them often enough, and clearly enough, until the magic takes hold. Persuade your limiting beliefs that you can have a life you love!


How to Make Your Very Own PowerPoint Vision Board

PowerPoint Vision Boards are Fun

Get Started on Your PowerPoint Vision Board

I suggest you start with a laptop or tablet to make the Vision Board, because it’s easier to store and access the images and ideas you collect as you search for cool online Vision Board content. This is custom content so you will want to have a lot of choices to try out before making a final selection.

Once you make your presentation you can put it on a mobile device and do edits on that directly to keep it fresh and make corrections.
If you haven ‘t worked with PowerPoint, check out this link for basic tutorials to get you up and running. All you need to make your custom Vision Board is a basic grasp of PowerPoint. Later, you can learn animation and add sounds effects if you like, to give them more personality, sass, and pizzazz.


Free PowerPoint Vision Board Applications

Find the Best Version of PowerPoint for You

There are several FREE applications of PowerPoint and other applications that worklike PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Online is a free web-based version of PowerPoint. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like the full-blown version, but you can make and share a presentation in no time and it’s free.

Google offers a free version as part of Google Docs called Google Slides.

If you have a Mac, you can use its version of PowerPoint called Keynote. It’s easy to grasp and use. The animation abilities in Keynote are wonderful and also easy to implement.


Get a Free PowerPoint Vision Board Starter Pack


Where Is Your Vision Board Going to Live?

It’s good practice to design your Vision Board according to where you want to engage with it most of the time so you and your Vision prosper.
You can keep it in your initial PowerPoint program viewing it on your desktop or with any slide presentation mobile app. However, if you decide to create a Pinterest Vision Board, you have to resize the PowerPoint presentation so it is a more vertical presentation and easy to read in that application.

It’s good practice to design your vision board according to where you want to engage with it most of the time.

You can keep it in your initial PowerPoint program viewing it on your desktop or with any slide presentation mobile app. However, if you decide to create a Pinterest vision board with it then you have to resize the PowerPoint presentation to a custom-size so it’s more vertical and easy to read in that application.

Will it work best for you on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop?

Depending on which device is your “go-to,” the following are some app options:


PowerPoint Online

YouTube (export as a video)

Booklet or eBook (export as PDF)

Pinterest or Facebook (export as image files)


Design Content and Layouts

Your Vision Board’s Life Purpose

First deciding what kind of Vision Board you want is important if you use PowerPoint because your choice of content is infinite.

For example, you can make freeform or a focused Vision Board  — that is you can make a Vision Board that is a random collection of images and words that you love.  Or, you can make a Vision Board that is about a specific goal to inspire you to action, or a Vision Board to embed a specific new quality or belief you would like in your life.

Place Images in Folder

Gather Images and Words

When you are preparing to create your Vision Board, you want to put all your images into a folder and collect a dozen or more images so you have something to start your board with. Collect images  from PinterestGoogle, and royalty free image sites such as Canva, Unsplash and Pixaby. There are many websites that have quotes, affirmations and inspiring quotes that you can use for text too.

Find images and words that excite you or just make you feel good. Look through your own photos for images that have meaning to you or depict people or things for which you are grateful:  friendship, love, family, and beauty.

Basic Slide Layouts

PowerPoint has specific formats for slides in the app.  You can also create your own slide layouts by starting with a blank slide..  Type words directly into the slides, so as you search for content and you see words or phrases you want, just take note of them and enter them into your slideshow.

Assemble and Arrange Your Slides

More is more.  Make many slides of what you think you want. Then prioritize them after shuffling them around. That way, you can first go through the discovery process, then decide what you truly want by having all your options clearly displayed in front of you when you view PowerPoint in the slidenotes view. Using your emotional guidance you can determine from your heart what is authentically exciting.

For me, working with a PowerPoint presentation gets swirling (and sometimes conflicting) ideas out of my head and into the light of day so I can sort them out easily.

PowerPoint gives the gift of clarity and the framework to map out an actual path to what you want your life – or a specific goal – without getting bogged down in the “hows.” At least, not right away.

If movement and/or music speak to you, add animation and music when you’ve completed the presentation. Learn how music can add power and punch to your vision board viewing in this article about music for visualization.


Mobile PowerPoint Vision Board


Upload and Manifest

Export Your Vision Board

You can export your PowerPoint slides as image files, PDFs, video, or keep it in native PowerPoint program. Of course, you can create as many of these Vision Boards as you like. You can have the same presentation in different formats to be accessed in multiple programs or create several Vision Boards that are goal or topic-specific and access them accordingly.

Schedule Viewing Sessions and Routines

Sometimes you need a quick hit of inspiration. Sometimes you want to experience a long and relaxing visualization session.

The personalized media materials inside your PowerPoint Vision Board infuse you with powerful examples of your dream coming true. They also help you to…

  • Weed out and eliminate limiting beliefs and resistance around your goal or dream.
  • Complete the actions necessary to make this thing happen.
  • Open yourself to support from unknown and surprising sources.

To Activate your Vision Board(s):

1.    Make routines for different situations;

2.    Assemble your Vision Board viewings into routines and actual visualization sessions; and

3.    Develop best practices based on your schedule and how much material you want to engage with.

The times when you choose to visualize are intended for what you want to manifest or what is going on in your life. Often visualization is done in the morning and in the evening. These sessions are more of an overview of what you would like to see happen.

Try out a few specialized vision boards for anticipated moments when you need immediate inspiration or guidance. These are situational-specific vision boards as they drill down to very specific items that are time sensitive.

The Power of the PowerPoint Vision Board

Studies have shown that repetitive actions create new neural pathways and new habits. The DIY PowerPoint Vision Board is carefully crafted by you for your unique personality and situation.  As a result, it speaks directly to you. This is very powerful manifesting mojo.

Once you get better at creating and using your Vision Boards, you will discover a successful manifestation process that is uniquely yours—a process that you will repeat over and over again to succeed in any endeavor or facet of life.

This program is designed to keep you focused and feeling supported as you realize an intention that’s been lingering in your heart for a long time, yearning to be expressed. Custom PowerPoint Vision Boards provide the structure you need to consistently visualize, attract, and take action to make your dreams a reality.

Leave a comment below if you’re excited about starting your own PowerPoint Vision Board Journey!

Get a Free PowerPoint Vision Board Starter Pack


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