What Is a Vision Board and How Does It Work?


Vision boards are visual tools that people use to manifest their dreams. Creating vision boards helps you attract more of what you want in life, keeps you focused on what you want to manifest, and stay energized with positive expectations.

Traditionally, the Vision Board is comprised of a collection of images that you select, depicting wishes, dreams, and goals as well as inspirational pictures and words. It is intended to attract more of what you want in life. Most vision boards are made by cutting images from magazines, arranging, then pasting them to a large board or poster.

A Vision Board is sometimes called a Treasure Map or Dream Board. Whatever you call it, it’s a potent visual tool for manifesting your dreams. Our unconscious minds tend to “think” in pictures and symbols, rather than language. So for many people—especially visual learners—vision boards are far more powerful than merely using affirmations. Better yet, combine the two, and you’ve got a manifesting powerhouse!

What Is a Vision Board?

Vision Boards keep you focused on what you want in your life, and energized with positive expectations. Use vision boards to:

  • Get clear on your dreams and aspirations
  • Become motivated to take action
  • View the bigger picture of your life
  • Stay inspired and upbeat
  • Shift your inner experience
  • Enlist the Law of Attraction
  • Manifest your dreams
  • Ease anxiety and stress

When your vision board is displayed where you see it often—in your home or workspace—something magical begins to happen. The vision board starts working on your unconscious mind, where your real mind-power resides. You begin to open up and see opportunities where you normally wouldn’t… because the vision board has given you permission to have more goodness in your life.

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Some people believe that vision boards have another kind of magic inherent in them. This is called the Law of Attraction. By visualizing what you want, the universe rearranges itself to deliver your dreams and desires.

Visualizing what you want creates a vibration within yourself and your mind that attracts “like-minded vibrations” to you. Those matching vibrations could be, for example, in the form of new opportunities to take action toward your making your dream come true. Or in some cases, the universe drops the finished product (your heart’s desire) right on your doorstep.

Regardless of what you believe is happening behind the scenes, vision boards are a powerful tool for creating and living a better life. Christine Kane has a really terrific blogpost and pdf on vision boards for more in-depth information. Would you like to hear an inspiring vision board story? Then check out Steve Harvey’s interview on Oprah about how vision boards changed his life.

How to Make a Vision Board (Traditional Method)

You will need a piece of poster board, scissors, magazines, glue and maybe glitter pens (for that extra sparkle and magic).

Flip through the magazines and start finding images and words that you like; find things you are attracted to—but don’t ask why or how! Build up a pile of these images, then start arranging them on your board. This should be relaxing and feel good—you can’t make a mistake. Relax and go with the flow.

If you have like-minded friends, invite them over for a Vision Board Party! This is incredibly fun, and very magical. You’ll find that you can help each other find the perfect images. And when your boards are assembled, you can help each other by witnessing the realization of each other’s dreams. There is power in numbers.

Once you feel everything is looking pretty good on your board, you can start gluing the images in place. You might want to add more images or find interesting textures to fill in the white space. Keep looking for visual treasures in your magazines until the whole vision board has this certain sparkle to it. You’ll know you’re finished. Of course, you can always add to it later on if you get inspired.

Hang it up where you’ll see it often, and imagine all these good things happening to you! There are countless stories of people who have manifested things on their vision board, including me. It can happen to you too.

Get into a consistent routine of visualizing. Consistency and frequency of visualization means that your subconscious mind gets reprogrammed faster for success!

When you make a vision board, the manifesting process becomes more feeling-oriented. You have limited images to select from, since they generally come from magazines. But this limitation allows you to pull words and images that match you emotionally. In other words, the images may not resemble the exact things you want, but they give the feeling of having what you want.

It is the feeling that sparks vision board magic. Feelings are emotions in motion. By deliberately creating positive feelings, we enlist the vibrations necessary to attract what we want.

I have been making vision boards in this traditional paper cut-and-paste way for decades. In recent years, I evolved the craft into modern technology. I create entire vision board websites, plus online vision boards via various software applications and social media platforms.


Online and Mobile Vision Boards

Now, not only are vision boards accessible from anywhere you are, but they can incorporate affirmations and music. Multi-media vision boards saturate your senses and your unconscious mind with the positive messages you need to make your dreams come to fruition.

The vision board just became a whole lot more powerful! Learn how to make an Online Vision Board.

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