If you’re into manifesting then visualizing goals is ingrained in our daily mindset. Yet, what if sometimes stepping back for a manifesting vacation is crucial for realizing our intentions? I think it benefits our body, mind, soul, in addition to our beloved intentions when we distance ourselves from manifesting. We often gain a clearer perspective when we […]

Take a Manifesting Vacation

I absolutely love vision boards and let me tell you, the reasons behind my deep affection for them are quite diverse and somewhat intriguing. This is my vision board love story. Vision boards remain a powerful tool for manifesting, however, as you will soon find out, vision boards helped me with self-actualization, and discovering hidden […]

Why I Love Vision Boards

Here are 10 summer manifesting tips to draw in the warm magical energy that fills the air during the summer season. This time of year offers numerous opportunities to connect with your inner self and set your intentions with longer days and the world in full bloom. Whether you’re new to manifestation or looking to […]

10 Magical Summer Manifesting Tips

10 Manifesting Tips for Summer

I’ve committed to manifest the art-making section of my vision board. My schedule is tight, but I’ve decided to spend this summer cultivating daily art habits, no matter how tiny… even if it’s on the scale of nanoparticles because I’m determined to manifest “making art consistently.” I do believe that manifesting starts with aligning your […]

Manifest with the I Ching Taming Power of the Small

Manifest what you are, rather than what you are not, is a crucial lesson in being happy and fulfilled in your life overall. It requires making sure your intentions reflect your most authentic self. You avoid setting goals that conform to others’ expectations, misaligned values, or unattainable ideals. The world is constantly whispering to you […]

Manifest What You Are

Celebrate Mom with a Vision Board as Mother’s Day is a special occasion that gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation, love, and gratitude towards our moms. This year, why not switch things up from the traditional gifts and surprise her with something that comes from the heart? A personalized vision board is not just […]

Celebrate Mom with a Mother’s Day Vision Board Gift

Here is a creative visualization formula you can use to manifest your vision board and more. Learn the three types of creative visualization techniques that cover all the requirements of an intention such as getting into action, enlisting the law of attraction, attracting resources, overcoming limiting beliefs, and even how you’re going to get what […]

Creative Visualization Formula to Manifest Vision Boards and More

Action and Law of Attraction Visualization Formula

Turn your creative visualization sessions into your very own personal music video. Did you know that your favorite songs can help you visualize and manifest your dreams? Using music for creative visualization is not only fun—it’s also incredibly powerful! That’s because it has the power to generate strong passion and positive emotion in you as […]

Music Video Creative Visualization Technique

Creative Visualization Using Music and Songs by Miss Wells

PowerPoint Vision Boards are powerful tools to actualize your dreams and goals with speed and clarity. They are immediate, motivating, dynamic, and completely customized with music and animation to change your vibration from ho-hum to high energy engagement. In this blogpost, I’ll show you examples of PowerPoint Vision Boards, give you instructions, and teach you […]

PowerPoint Vision Boards (The Rockstar of Online Vision Boards)

PowerPoint Vision Boards

Digital vision boards are a game changer in your life because they can be accessed immediately and contain amazingly fresh and dynamic content. With a digital mobile vision board you can program yourself with positivity on a consistent basis. This barrage of fresh inspiring information creates new neural pathways that change your attitude and behavior. […]

Digital Vision Boards: The Complete Guide

Make Online Vision Boards