- Kathleen V.

It’s one thing to create a vision board, but it’s quite another experience to create a vision board with Melissa Wells. Working with her vision board expertise elevated the entire process to what, for me, was a life-altering process.

- Unison F.

I've always loved creating vision boards, but working with Melissa was next level. It was so much fun! AND THEN her true magic came through when she expertly walked me through the meaning behind what I had created. I have had a stellar year and I owe a BIG part of that to putting my vision together with her as a guide.


For 8 years I created a vision board and passively hoped that my wishes would come true. But this time Melissa showed me how to speak to it, follow up on the goals and manifest them. She used just the right mix of spirituality, psychology and artistic interpretation to make me comfortable. I appreciate her wisdom, humor and completely trust her intuition.


It is essential to have someone in your life who sees who you really are. And shows it to you again and again until it’s obvious that you have to and want to act on it. With specific actions. That’s what Melissa does. She reflects your own passion back to you. I am so fortunate to have had her as my navigator for this amazing year.


Working with Melissa is like finding a ray of sunshine through the fog. She sees the best in you, and knows how to bring it to the surface. The zest and creativity she brings to her own life are contagious and inspiring. Without her help, I would not have begun writing the book that had been in my head for so long. Her encouragement and support have kept me going, even when I doubted myself.