Music Video Creative Visualization Technique

Turn your creative visualization sessions into your very own personal music video. Did you know that your favorite songs can help you visualize and manifest your dreams? Using music for creative visualization is not only fun—it’s also incredibly powerful! That’s because it has the power to generate strong passion and positive emotion in you as you listen to it.

There’s a lot of meditation music out there, and it’s usually pretty relaxing background style music. Listening to it seems like a special project that may or may not find space and time in your busy day. But popular music is already a natural part of your everyday life—like that catchy new song on the radio that you like. Now you can put it to work for you while you have fun listening and singing along!


Creative Visualization Using Music and Songs by Miss Wells


When doing creative visualization, listening to music really gets you to amp up the positive emotions. It creates immediate excitement and passion, which are necessary ingredients in a powerful effective visualization session. It’s been said that our thoughts form the blueprint of the manifestation, and our emotions are the fuel for manifesting it into reality.

Use the structure of the song to guide the visualization.
Use the emotions in the song to guide your passion.

As a Musician, Multi-Media Artist and Creative Visualization Designer, combining music with visuals is my favorite and most powerful tool. Below, I’m going to explain the basic structure of a song, then show you how to integrate a visualization into the music you love.


Popular Songs generally have a three-part structure:

  1. Verse: In a song there are several verses (usually two or three) that have different lyrics but the same melody. Songs generally start with the verse.
  2. Chorus: The chorus has a differently melody. It comes after the verse and it’s usually super catchy, more dramatic and highly emotional.
  3. Bridge:When songs have bridges (sometimes it’s just an instrumental with no lyrics and some songs don’t have one at all) it tends to connect the verse to the chorus and sometimes acts like a pause during a song.


Organize the thing you want to visualize—your goal or desire—into three parts:

  1. The Journey (not focusing so much on how you get there, but rather, creating benchmarks and exciting moments on the way to realizing your wish)
  2. The End Result (the big manifestation)
  3. Bonus manifestations related to your main wish (just allow your imagination to soar!)

Putting it Together: MUSIC + VISUALIZATION

Creative Visualization with music is a way to take something you already enjoy, and merge it with something that will create a more enjoyable future for you (as your goals and dreams become reality).

Pair the 3 elements of the song to the 3 parts of your visualization:

  1. The song’s Verse = Your Feelings of taking the Journey
  2. The song’s Chorus = Your Excitement of the End Result
  3. The song’s Bridge = a Bonus adventure related to your End Result (example: sharing it with other people)

Our thoughts form the blueprint of the manifestation, and our emotions are the fuel for manifesting it into reality.

INFOGRAPHIC: Creative Visualization Using Music and Songs by Miss Wells

Creative Visualization Music

Let’s use an example: visualizing success in running a marathon.

The verse journey.

Visualize the journey of training, overcoming laziness, getting up early and really enjoying running and exercise. See yourself improving and being able to run more and more each week. Feel how wonderful it is to build up breath and stamina. Feel the pride of being disciplined and achieving success as you’re able to run farther and longer.

Here comes the chorus.
Visualize the end result. Imagine crossing the finish line, feeling victorious, hugging family and friends. Victory!

Then a bridge
Improvise and imagine all kinds of wonderful things happening like raising money for a favorite non-profit.

Allow the music to take you higher and make your dreams and aspirations a reality! You can also listen to your favorite songs as you gaze at your Vision Board or Online Vision Board.

How to Do Creative Visualization Using Music and Songs by Miss Wells



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