Music Video Creative Visualization Technique

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  2. Haley_Walker says:

    can be defined, in contrast to previous existing pre-generated music plus visualization combinations (as for example music videos ), by its characteristic as being real-time generated. Another possible distinction is seen by some in the ability of some music visualization systems (such as Geiss’ MilkDrop ) to create different visualizations for each song or audio every time the program is run, in contrast to other forms of music visualization (such as music videos or a laser lighting display ) which always show the same visualization. Music visualization may be achieved in a 2D or a 3D coordinate system where up to 6 dimensions can be modified, the h, h and h dimensions being color, intensity and transparency.

    • Miss Wells says:

      Wow! You’re taking this to a whole new level. Thank you for suggesting MilkDrop too. I noticed your website was about fitness and music visualization can be used for sports performance improvement too.

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