Call Me Miss Wells


Call Me Miss Wells

My name is Melissa Meredith Wells but you can call me Miss Wells.

I have grown increasingly wise and credible with the decades behind me. Decades filled to the brim with creativity, challenges, reinvention, inspiration, a lot of work… and a lot of love and laughter.

I am an artist. Since my early teens, I knew that I had to be an artist.

The need to express artistic creativity can be an absolute command coming from within. It’s like having a wild and hungry animal inside of you. Try to ignore it, but the thing rattles its cage and drives you mad. It wants your attention and it WILL have its way, sooner or later.

And though it hardly seemed like a choice, my choosing to be an artist solicited all the predictable groans from my family and culture. “Don’t quit your day job!” Their response was both insulting and heart-crushing.

And yet, I persevered and insisted on the artist’s life which always included working two jobs. One to cover living expenses and the other to cover the animal’s.

Call Me Miss Wells

By way of analogy, organic fruit typically has thicker skin and more nutrients because it grows in an environment without pesticides. This forces the fruit to grow stronger and denser because, unlike its chemically coddled cousins, it has to fight off destructive insects and bacteria by its own immunity.

An artist’s journey can be likened to that organic fruit. The relentless pursuit of fine art tends to produce people with a stubborn disposition and more “nutrients” of a different kind.

While I struggled to cover expenses and find time to make art, something magical was brewing on my behalf. You know how it’s popular to specify “this or something better” when affirming your goals and manifesting your dreams? Well, that “something better” was being prepared for me, behind the scenes in the cosmic kitchen.

I began consuming self-help, personal growth and spiritual teachings. They offered solace and a feeling of purpose and connectedness to something bigger than just me.

I became deeply involved in becoming a better version of myself and people around me. I opened myself up to the prospects of unconditional love, and life gave me ample opportunity to put these concepts into practical use. Countless days, I found myself supporting and caring for loved ones in lieu of ambitious undertakings, money, and art.

Before, I had desperately needed to express my creative soul in a culture that, at the time, just didn’t seem interested. But now, my self-selected spiritual curriculum was providing the vital support I needed. And it opened doors that I didn’t even realize were there.

I tapped into the infinite! I read and studied and meditated as if my life depended on it (well, it sort of did). I journaled everything. I invented programs for myself. I tracked what worked and what didn’t. I was able to produce very powerful innovative tools for manifestation and self-actualization.

A shift happened. I became far more interested in the spiritual material than in art. At one point, the major light bulb moment arrived: it turns out that my life’s mission involves much more than art alone. I am here to leverage my artistic talents in the service of others.

As a visualization/vision board teacher and designer I have parlayed my fine arts training and talent into a helping profession. My creativity is enhanced by the business and learning style knowledge I’ve gleaned along the way.

And though I have a great deal of professional credibility, it is the sum total of my life experience—including and especially the personal life experience, both joyful and trying—that’s made me into a highly effective teacher, coach, presenter and inventor. For as much as I value creative expression and success, I believe that we are here to love and support one another above all else.

There is nothing more joyful than knowing what your soul’s path is and knowing that both your feet are planted squarely on it. I’m acting on divine inspiration, and that feels far better than ego gratification ever could.

So here is my “baby crone” advice to you:
Success is not all about money or fame. It is about Life. Make a life for yourself. Make money too, but focus on a life you love with no regrets.

Embrace the duality of life. The struggle and the success. The tears and the laughter. The downtime and the production time. Embrace the unknown — and the possibility that your soul has something even better in store for you than you can currently imagine. Be willing to roll with the changes, because that’s where the magic lies.

Visualization and vision boards are springboards for greater possibilities. At a given point in time, we come up with what we think would be ideal, and yet… spirit always has tricks up its proverbial sleeve.

Manifesting is a very dynamic thing. That’s why I offer cutting edge tools and assistance for making your outcomes happy, dynamic, and authentically yours. New ideas and information are constantly coming to you, causing you to refine your desires, get more specific, and let go of things that no longer serve or excite you.

I have created many vision boards over the years, and have seen many amazing things manifest before my eyes even when I could not logically see a way for these things to happen.

Magic is definitely available to us… if we allow it.

I have stood back in amazement at how things have lined up in my life. Sometimes, though, a thing I wanted was frustratingly slow in getting delivered, or seemed to be on permanent back order with the universe. But time reveals the larger reason for such things. For the most part, I have received and experienced all that my heart desired thus far, in one form or another. And that is my wish for you.

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