Create a Digital Vision Board Presentation

Take a section of a Classic Vision Board and expand it into several mini-vision boards telling a story about what you want. Include all kinds of fun and inspiring words and images.

Take one element from your vision board and break it up into several additional pieces that support that intention.

Two things to consider for your Digital Vision Board:
1. What application are you going to make it in?
2. What digital product do you want to view your vision board in. In other words where do you want your now Mobile Vision Board to live as?

Applications to Make Digital Vision Boards

The application you make the vision board content in such as:
  • PowerPoint
  • Canva
  • Google Slides or Google Docs
  • Microsoft Word such as abc
  • Social Media: Pinterest, Facebook, IG
  • YouTube
What digital product you export the content as:
  • Slide presentation
  • Video
  • PDF Booklet
  • Book PDF to print on demand
  • Social Media: Pinterest, Facebook, IG