Each intention or goal can have any number of slides that describe exactly what you want, creating a story about your dreams.

Dynamic Digital Vision Board Presentations are a terrific way to visualize your intentions and goals. Rather than cramming all your aspirations onto one slide or page, consider creating multiple slides that delve into each intention with more depth so a single vision can occupy several slides.

There are 3 types of Dynamic Digital Vision Board Presentations:
1. Vision Storyboard: contains many different intentions in one presentation.
2. Showcase: focuses exclusively on a single intention. 
3. Manifesting Media: includes slides to manifest outcomes that  specifically encourages action, enlists law of attraction or creates mindset to change identity. 

Dynamic Digital Vision Board Presentations

This innovative approach to vision board presentations allows you to create themed sections within your digital vision board, dedicating several slides to a single intention or goal.

For example, you might have a cluster of slides focused on career advancement followed by another set centered around personal wellness. This process continues until your storyboard encapsulates all your various intentions and goals in one comprehensive presentation that covers ALL your dreams and desires. 

The Vision Storyboard

Dynamic Digital Vision Storyboard Example

Check out this storyboard example that features slides about health, travel, love, inner peace and more. This is a segment of a full version that is available by clicking the VIEW FULL EXAMPLE button. 


This type of presentation gets into all the aspects of an intention. It can describe the outcome in detail and what resources and actions are required to achieve it in addition to feelings, sensations, and a variety of images and words that make it come to life.

The Showcase Digital Vision Board

Showcase an Intention:
Dynamic Digital Vision Board Example

Take a look at this Dynamic Digital Vision Board Presentation which outlines the intention of creating a career as an Art Director, spread across multiple informative and inspirational slides. This is a segment of a full version that is available by clicking the VIEW FULL EXAMPLE button. 


Manifesting Media focuses on creating content that integrates the manifestation of desired outcomes. The slides are designed to encourage decisive action, leverage the law of attraction, and cultivate a mindset for personal transformation. It contains a variety of resources designed to inspire your to unlock your hidden potential and transform your dreams into reality. All the material is geared towards your specific limiting beliefs, resource needs, and learning style. This content transcends traditional vision boards, delving into the realm of visualization and identity change, empowering you to take control of your life.

Manifesting Media