The Transformational Motel by Miss Wells
I embarked on a large painting project that represented a substantial request to the universe. I asked to be transformed and to experience life in a whole new way — a more spiritual, enlightened way. I called the painting “The Transformational Motel.” It was 3 feet by 5 feet, which was unusually large for my...
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I Totally Manifested This Website by Miss Wells
The idea for this particular website came to me in 2009. Years later it is officially up. Why did this take so long? This is a blogsite, not a skyscraper! I read tales of people actualizing their dreams and expanding them to places beyond their imagination. Growing, expanding, improving — manifesting at high levels. Executive levels....
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Hello! I’m Miss Wells, multi-media artist inspiring you to live your purpose with innovative multi-media tools and creative mojo.


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