What Type of Visualizer Are You? TAKE THE TEST
What Type of Visualizer Are You? TAKE THE TEST

What Is a Creative Visualization Designer?
A Creative Visualization Designer is part coach and part multi-media designer. It’s a completely new occupation and I invented it from my own experience using creative visualization to help me believe in myself as a...
Call Me Miss Wells
My name is Melissa Meredith Wells but you can call me Miss Wells. I have grown increasingly wise and credible with the decades behind me. Decades filled to the brim with creativity, challenges, reinvention, inspiration,...
Is the Universe a Customer Support Desk?
Does the Universe sit at a Law of Attraction Customer Support Desk and give you exactly what you ask for? If you ask me, the answer is yes… and no and always. Let’s start with...
Miss Wells Mission Vision Statement
Mission I support those of us who are willing to redefine the world in a way that is more magical and less cynical; more compassionate and less combative; more about the power of consciousness and...
The Transformational Motel by Miss Wells
I embarked on a large painting project that represented a substantial request to the universe. I asked to be transformed and to experience life in a whole new way — a more spiritual, enlightened way....
I Totally Manifested This Website by Miss Wells
The idea for this particular website came to me in 2009. Years later it is officially up. Why did this take so long? This is a blogsite, not a skyscraper! I read tales of people actualizing...
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Hello! I’m Melisa Meredith Wells, multi-media artist and Creative Visualization Designer, inspiring you to live your purpose with innovative multi-media tools and creative mojo.

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