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Do you ever wonder whether you’re using Creative Visualization techniques correctly? Are you unsure which affirmations to use, when and how often? Do you ever wish that someone would take you by the hand and show you how it’s done?

I’m Melissa Meredith Wells, and I’m a Creative Visualization Designer. I provide structure and guidance to keep you on the path to success. Working with me one-on-one is a lot like hiring a personal trainer… for your hopes and dreams. 

When it comes to visualizing your heart’s desires, unfortunately it’s all too easy to get derailed. Anyone who’s ever excitedly launched a list of New Year’s Resolutions—only to have the momentum quickly fizzle out—understands exactly what I’m talking about.

You may become distracted by any number of things and fail to return to your vision. You could be overrun with doubt, negativity or limiting beliefs. Has that cherished dream of yours been simmering away on the back burner for far too long?

The structure I offer you comes from many years of using creative visualization myself and helping other people like you. My methods work because they’re built upon scientific research, spirituality and metaphysics, and learning style assessment. I work with you to create the very best Creative Visualization practice for you—one that keeps you visualizing consistently—until you cross the finish line to your goal.

Consistency and accountability are key factors for athletes and executives in achieving the goals they set. Keeping you focused, with eyes on the prize, while enjoying and leveraging your interim successes, is what I do best. I guide you in combining Attraction with Action for stellar results. It’s the blending of two worlds. 

And because I’m also a trained artist and graphic designer, I produce beautiful customized vision board materials for you! So if you don’t feel particularly artistic or you’re simply short on time, my Coaching + Materials packages are the perfect solution.

I really listen to you and find out what your personal needs, goals, dreams and challenges are. Then, with your input, I design a custom Creative Visualization Portfolio and Plan that makes you unstoppable! Plug in to the system, do the visualizing and affirming, take the action steps, and enjoy the process of bringing your dream to fruition.

Working with a Creative Visualization Designer is like hiring a personal trainer for your dreams, goals and desires.

Here’s What We Can Do Together

Creative Visualization Coaching

Together we create a solid visualization practice to fast-track you to goals and desires.
• Personal Discovery Online Assessment
• One Coaching Session
• Email Follow-ups
• Best Practices Specific to You
• Personal Routine and Schedule


Book My Session

PowerVision Board

Get a Custom-Designed-for-You PowerPoint Vision Board and Visualization Coaching Sessions
• 2 Visualization Coaching Sessions
• 2 Custom PowerVision Boards
• PowerVision Board exported into mobile device for 24/7 access
• Visualization Plan & Schedule


I Want a Breakthrough

Custom Designed
Media Packages for Coaches

For Coaching Professionals

Custom-made multi-media motivational materials for your clients.

• All media created with your own custom branding (existing or new): colors, fonts, logo
• Choose from visual, audio and video media on a variety of platforms and apps
• Customizable for each client or stand-alone media for your coaching practice

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What makes these Creative Visualization Design services unique is that I incorporate both Action and Attraction into your Plan. I teach you how to discern the difference, how to use Creative Visualization for each, and how and when to use Affirmations and Creative Visualization to reach your goals.

Whether you prefer to listen to audio, to watch video, read text, or look at images (or some combination of these), multi-media inspiration and motivation to realize your hopes and dreams is available to you instantly, 24/7. You’ll use it pro-actively to focus on your goals and bring them to manifestation. And you’ll also use it as “urgent care for your dreams” to combat and transcend doubt and other negative sabotage. Your Creative Visualization materials are easily accessed by mobile apps you’re already using daily. 

The support you receive is powerful because it’s customized just for YOU, rather than using someone else’s generic content, and because there is accountability to keep you moving forward. It’s a bit like having your own private Mastermind group, dedicated to your success!

What Is It Like Working with Me?

I use the same client process I’ve used for years as a designer and developer. I first understand what you want to accomplish and what your aesthetic taste and style is.

Then I apply my experience as a learning style developer to determine how you can best understands and communicates—whether it’s audio, visual, or some combination.

I find what symbols and media work best to get you into action and free from limiting beliefs. Then I translate that understanding into actual materials you can access and use every day.

I do this with two phone coaching sessions and email communications. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can meet in person. I use Skype and Google for phone sessions for desktop screen sharing to review your vision board materials.

Scheduling an appointment is easy, as you can book available times on my calendar using the Acuity scheduler.

The Working Process

  1. You complete a simple questionnaire.
  2. Together we create a customized Creative Visualization Plan for you.
  3. I integrate the information you provide into a collection of media that you can access anytime, anywhere. 
  4. I give you a schedule for interacting with your media that ensures consistency and thorough re-programming on your mind’s neural networks.
  5. I send you email reminders that correspond to the schedule. The schedule includes longer morning and evening sessions, plus quickie reminders and instant motivation for specific situations.
  6. You can change the contents whenever you like, and adapt it as your needs and preferences change.
  7. Ongoing sessions are available if you would like to work with me further.

My Professional Background

I am a multi-media artist, business consultant, and longtime personal growth enthusiast. I’m so happy to be able to share my wisdom and creations with you, because I am deeply interested in helping others (and myself too) to grow in consciousness.

For years, whenever I needed inspirational information to shift my experience, I would run to my giant stack of books and flip through them until I found the answer. With technological advances, I was able to create effective new methods of accessing inspiration and understanding human potential. 

I invented a powerful program that allows you to laser in on your hopes, dreams and goals—and easily access the motivation you need via your favorite mobile media applications.

My professional background includes co-creating a patented Learning Style technology that is now being used by many companies and institutions, including LinkedIn, Google, Harvard, and Duke University. I incorporate this experience into my Creative Visualization Design work, tailoring the Visualization Gear for each person. Not everyone learns in the same way, so why should Vision Boards and Affirmations be one-size-fits-all?

Repetitive thoughts and actions create new neural pathways and new habits. Whether you choose the PowerVision Board Breakthrough or Creative Visualization Coaching, your programs include a Master Plan that’s carefully crafted for your unique personality and situation. Your Plan includes realistic timeframes and inherent flexibility, plus built-in “rescue” points that anticipate doubt and distraction and deal with them before they get a chance to sabotage you.

Visualization Design allows you to discover a successful manifestation process that is uniquely yours—a process that you’ll repeat over and over again to succeed in any endeavor or facet of life.


What They’re Saying About Miss Wells

“The zest and creativity she brings to her own life are contagious and inspiring.” ~ Leslie E., Executive Coach

“Miss Wells is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She listens so closely and gives feedback and advice that really shows she has put a lot of thought into it.” ~ Gabby G., Executive Assistant

“Her deep sensibility and immediate connection to underlying truth is startling. Plus, she is much fun to be with. Her artistic flair encourages creative expression where I did not know I had it!” ~ Mary Edith I., Software Developer

“Miss Wells is a creative genius! Her organized methods of applying creative visualization are uniquely inspired and effective. And the graphic design and audio elements she produces are absolutely top notch. Highly recommended for your clientele.” ~ Debbianne DeRose, Author and Mentor

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