Introducing The Visualization Planner

A step-by-step guide to getting what you want.

The Visualization Planner is an online program that shows you exactly how you can best visualize what you want in your life. It comes with an ebook and a pdf with printable planner worksheets you can use over and over again.

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Are You Using
Creative Visualization Effectively?

You probably start out visualizing with a burst of optimism and an exciting vision of your future. But then… life sets in with all its demands. You find yourself visualizing less frequently, more sporadically, or maybe you even stop altogether.

Resistance sets in and negative limiting beliefs tend to fill your mind with doubts.

Your initial vision gets watered down or muddled in confusion and disbelief.

That’s where the
Visualization Planner comes in.

It gives you the structure you need to transform desire into reality.

You’re unstoppable with this potent combination:

  • An organized system of regularly and consistently visualizing what you want
  • Positive beliefs to attract what you need
  • Inspired actions to get there!
The Visualization Planner

Major Differences Between Visualizing for Action and Attraction.

Create Effective Visualizations for ACTION
Creative visualization techniques used by athletes and entrepreneurs require a routine that is specific, and also grounded in reality with a focus on the “how” steps.

Create Effective Visualizations for ATTRACTION
The brain’s prefrontal cortex is used to imagine and dream. This area houses your higher wisdom and connects you to Source. When it comes to Attraction, disregarding the “hows” is essential.

To realize your desires, both Action and Attraction are needed.
The Visualization Planner shows you how to combine these seemingly opposite approaches.

A Fresh Approach to Visualization

The content in this program is innovative and refreshing for both beginners and more advanced students of creative visualization. It’s easy to quickly make this new technique your own.

A Different Type of Visualization for Each Kind of Desire

You’ll learn how to visualize based on the type of goal or desire you wish to manifest. Did you know that there are three different types of visualizations? Each of these is done differently. Using the right tool for the job makes for a successful outcome!

A Formula for Clear, Focused Visualization

This is a step-by-step formula that makes creating visualization routines super easy and fun. Once you understand the key ingredients you will be able to your intentions clearer and more attainable for the rest of your life.

What You Get

You get the Visualization Planner instructional mini-course PLUS Visualization Planner Worksheets. This is digital media so you can download the program immediately and start planning your Visualizations right away.

BONUS: The methods and tools you get in the Visualization Planner can be used over and over again, for each new goal or dream that enters your life!

The Visualization Planner

This instructional ebook has easy to follow instructions with sample copy and planner worksheet examples for every chapter. 

Planner Template Worksheets

The unique planner templates included with your Visualization Planner are fun and easy to use. They also keep you visualizing until you cross the finish line. They’re your “workout schedule” at the manifesting gym, but unlike an actual gym, the Visualization Planner does all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is print out the templates, grab a pen and enjoy some delightful visualizing!

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Melissa Meredith WellsHello there!

I’m Melissa Meredith Wells. I know how to turn a well-intentioned creative visualization session into a vapid confusing series of thoughts and random imagery (LOL!). Having done it the wrong way, I persevered and learned what truly does work, and I’m happy to be able to share these solutions with you.

I’ve been creating vision boards and using creative visualization for decades now. I’m a multi-media artist, so working with my imagination is second nature to me. It’s pretty much the only way I get things done. I start first in my mind with an emotional connection to an idea, then I am spurred to action.

Having worked with a diverse array of people over the years, I discovered several methods that are effective—across the board—for realizing dreams and staying on task to make them happen. I started integrating these success tools into one cohesive approach. We’re all busy and our time is valuable, so the simpler the system, the better. That’s how The Visualization Planner was born.

I really hope you’ll take advantage of the solutions I have for you here because creative visualization, when combined with focused action, is one of the most powerful ways to manifest. I love helping you to self-actualize—to be, have and experience all that your heart desires, and all that your soul is meant to express. This is BIG.

What makes The Visualization Planner different from any other program out there?

It isn’t just a collection of ideas or principles. It’s a simple, step-by-step FORMULA for Creative Visualization. The formula you need to…

  • Use Creative Visualization for both Action and Attraction
  • Stop overthinking or over-cluttering your vision
  • Eliminate wishy-washy broad statements that lose their power

With the Visualization Planner, all you need to do is identify your most important life goals, apply the formula, and reap the results. And you WILL get results.

“The Visualization Planner is a brilliant solution! It really keeps you on track in this busy modern world filled with distractions. The interim steps to your Big Goal are built in, so your doubting mind stays engaged and working for you, rather than sabotaging you. Get organized and start planning your successful manifestions with this innovative tool.”
— Debbianne DeRose, author of “Manifesting the Simple Way”

“I’ve always loved planning and plotting out how I will achieve my goals, but had trouble combining it with creative visualization and affirmations. They seemed like 2 different worlds. This planner is the big solution I’ve been needing! It brings those 2 worlds together and I really get it now. Thank you, Miss Wells!”
— Tony T., Los Angeles, CA

Repetition + Consistency + Belief + Action = SUCCESS

This is the complete formula you’ve been waiting for!

The Visualization Planner works because:

  • Consistency gets results.  Repetition and follow-through is necessary—not just until the next shiny thing appears, but until your dream becomes your reality. Repeatedly stating and visualizing your intentions re-wires neural pathways in your brain, re-programs your subconscious mind, and gives the Universe the clear broadcast signal required to make your desires heard and realized. The Visualization Planner keeps you on the path to success.
  • Belief is powerful. When you use the Visualization Planner to create and follow a Visualization Routine, the manifestation of your desires becomes more and more believable to you. You gather strength and momentum to overcome limiting beliefs and negative habits that were keeping you stuck. And this growing belief gets you into action, which fuels results, and bolsters your belief even more. Staying engaged in the process makes all the difference.
  • Some action required. Different dreams and people require varying amounts and types of actions, but some action is always required in the manifestation process. The Visualization Planner integrates Action into the usual Attraction activities, in a cohesive, practical and innovative way.

Use the Visualization Planner to:

  • Stay motivated
  • Make steady progress as you complete the small steps en route to your big-picture goal
  • Open your mind to receive support from unexpected sources
  • Keep your mind alert and ready to seize opportunities
  • Get crystal clear about what you want
  • Motivate yourself to take action (and feel good about it)
  • Make yourself into a vibrational match (vibrate at the level of your dream-come-true)
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Change and expand your beliefs
  • Express your creativity through writing and visualizing
  • Keep yourself in a state of allowing
  • Realize your goals and dreams
The Visualization Planner is an online program that shows you exactly how you can best visualize what you want in your life. It comes with an ebook and a pdf with printable planner worksheets you can use over and over again. #manifestation #lawofattraction #dreams #goals

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