Miss Wells

Visualization Kit

Understand how to use creative visualization to create more of what you want in your life.

The kit and program offers custom designed digital visualization materials, guided meditation playlists, tailored step-by-step visualization routines and 1-on-1 coaching.

Here’s Everything You Get With This Amazing Experience:

Two Coaching Sessions

Creative Visualization Portfolio

Exclusive Visualization Content

Customized Guided Meditation Playlist

Available as Pinterest Vision Board

Look Inside The Kit

Section 1: OVERVIEW describes your main intention in detail along with best practices and levels of belief and the context that you work in. This is the foundation that you build on.

Section 2: CONTENT this houses the material for your custom visualization sessions. Includes outline, visual cues and hot buttons that form the structure and emotional responses to make your visualization practice successful time after time.

Section 3: ACCESSORIES content to be used for pre-determined specific situations that you encounter that address your limiting beliefs and resistance so you’re supported 24/7.

Section 4: ROUTINE AND SCHEDULE carefully constructed visualization routines with timed guided meditations tailored to your best practices and lifestyle.

Meet Your Visualization Expert & Designer: Melissa Meredith Wells

Miss Wells in her studio

Hello there!

I’ve been creating vision boards and using creative visualization for decades now. I’m a multi-media artist, so working with my imagination is second nature to me.

Having worked with a diverse array of people over the years, I discovered several methods that are effective across the board for realizing dreams and staying on task to make them happen. I integrate these tools into one cohesive approach that is extremely effective.

Take advantage of the solutions I have for you here because I want you to self-actualize –– to be, have and experience all that your heart desires, and all that your soul is meant to express. This is BIG.

“Miss Wells is a creative genius! Her organized methods of applying creative visualization are uniquely inspired and effective. And the graphic design and audio elements she produces are absolutely top notch. Highly recommend.”

~ Debbianne DeRose, Author of How I Met the Man of My Dreams: A Guide to MANifesting® Yours, What I Did on My Midlife Crisis Vacation, and Manifesting the Simple Way: an Outrageously Simple Guide to Gettin’ the Goods

Everything You Get


You receive two 45-minute phone sessions with this package.  Personalized coaching gives you the self-knowledge and motivation to actualize your intentions.


Beautifully designed booklet with customized visualization routines, schedules, inspiring reminders and links to media. Available in PDF or PPT.


Receive the contents of your Portfolio to create a secret Pinterest board to stay inspired and supported 24/7.


Have your visualization routine guided by custom-timed guided meditation playlist to keep you focused on your visualization. Available in mp3.


Use distinctive techniques to reach goals, improve performance, attract resources or enlist support from universal sources.


Create a solid calendar and daily routine to make your visualization practice consistent and sustainable.

Visualization Kit & Program

2 Coaching Sessions
Creative Visualization Portfolio
Exclusive Visualization Content
Custom Guided Meditation Playlist
Available as Pinterest Vision Board

Let’s Get Started

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Goodby Wishy Washy Visualization Sessions, Hello Visualization Breakthrough

Do you ever wonder whether you’re using Creative Visualization techniques correctly? Are you unsure which affirmations to use, when and how often? Do you ever wish that someone would take you by the hand and show you how it’s done?

With this program you gain valuable knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life.


Use best practices based on your unique learning style. Incorporate specific techniques for Action Intentions and Big Picture Law of Attraction Intentions.


Get clear on your what you want and have visual cues at the ready. Include powerful positive emotions and healthy new strongly held beliefs.


Get your individual visualization sessions amazingly defined so your intentions have staying power. Have shorter sessions to get motivated for specific actions and/or keep a positive vibration.


Discover what gets in the way of getting what you want and use creative visualization to change. Eliminate limiting beliefs in addition to adding love, passion and motivation.

This is the complete program you’ve been waiting for!

This Creative Visualization Program works because:

  • Consistency Gets Results. Repetition and follow-through is necessary—not just until the next shiny thing appears, but until your dream becomes your reality. Repeatedly stating and visualizing your intentions re-wires neural pathways in your brain, re-programs your subconscious mind, and gives the Universe the clear broadcast signal required to make your desires heard and realized. The combination of coaching and materials keeps you on the path to success.
  • Belief Is Powerful. When you have a solid Visualization Routine, the manifestation of your desires becomes more and more believable to you. You gather strength and momentum to overcome limiting beliefs and negative habits that were keeping you stuck. And this growing belief gets you into action, which fuels results, and bolsters your belief even more. Staying engaged in the process makes all the difference.
  • Inspired and Focused Action Required. Different dreams and people require varying amounts and types of actions, but some action is always required in the manifestation process. The content of your sessions integrates action into the usual attraction activities, in a cohesive, practical and innovative way.

How It Works

Melissa Meredith Wells at her desk

Working with Melissa directly through the whole process.

1. You sign up and make first appointment using Acuity, a verified and secure scheduling application.

2. During the first phone session we review your main intention and find the passion and motivation there in addition to anything that would hold you back from attaining it. I take copious notes during our session creating a drafted outline for your creative visualization routines.

3. After 3-5 business days, you’ll receive the first draft and try it out for a week or however long you need. Note any limiting beliefs, unconscious urgings, exciting feelings that occur in this timeframe so we can review this during the second session and include them in your portfolio.

4. Schedule the second phone session where we discuss all the things you discovered during the initial review. I make changes and adjustments accordingly then put together the final portfolio in PDF and PowerPoint format so you can make an online vision board if you like.

5. Follow-up sessions can be scheduled after the initial process has been completed.

Visualization Kit & Program

2 Coaching Sessions
Creative Visualization Portfolio
Exclusive Visualization Content
Custom Guided Meditation Playlist
Available as Pinterest Vision Board

Let’s Get Started

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