Vision Board
Gear & Guide


Ready to jump into vision boarding? This starter pack can get you off the ground with everything from a guide on how it works to printable clip art and even a shopping list of necessary materials.

The Vision Board Starter Pack

    Make your dreams come true by crafting your very own vision board!

    You get 3 free downloadable PDFs 

    This booklet has the complete guide for creating a vision board before, during, and after. Get all the tips & tricks you need for successful manifestation of your goals.

    Vision Board Guide

    Printable Vision Board Clip Art Book

    Need some creative inspiration for your vision board? Check out this 12-page collection of Premium Vision Board Clip Art! Jam packed with 111 images and words, it's the perfect starting point to get you going.

    Vision Board Shopping List

    This one-page shopping list has you covered with just the essentials - from boards and scissors to glues, printed images, and even extra paper if desired. Make sure you're all set for your vision board project.

      It's time to make a vision board

      The journey towards success starts here. Take your first step and get our vision board starter pack. The starter pack is designed for those who are serious about making their dreams a reality.  With this kit by your side, you will be able to make a vision board in no time.