Vision Board Readings

I’m introducing the first ever Vision Board Reading services. This is a totally transformational coaching service offering insights into the symbolism and deep meanings embedded in your vision board in addition to customized routines that you can do with your vision board to make it real.

Simply send me a digital image of your vision board and schedule the 90-minute call to understand what is really going on with your vision board and introduce ways to make it work for you specifically.

90-Minute Vision Board Reading $250

I Want to Book a Vision Board Reading


I thoroughly enjoyed receiving Melissa’s interpretation of my vision board. She noticed many things I was unaware of when I made it. Angles of things pointing to other things. Adjacent things connecting. The amount of real estate devoted to like themes, giving them power. The amount of color, of contained forms rather than blurry and undefined. She noticed numbers of things she saw repeated in my collage. She asked to see last year’s board to contrast to this year’s, giving me a sense of progress. She said creating a board is giving yourself permission to make these things happen.

For about the past 8 years I’ve created a board, put it on the wall where I would see it every day, and passively hoped that my wishes would come true. But this time Melissa encouraged me to actively pursue the things on my board. To speak to it, follow up on the goals and manifest them. I’m excited about acting on her suggestion to make a targeted vision board on just one theme at a time. If I can’t find the words I’m looking for, I’ll type them and print them out to put on the board.

Melissa used just the right mix of spirituality, psychology and artistic interpretation to make me comfortable. I appreciate her wisdom, enjoy her humor and completely trust her intuition.

~ Carla

Melissa Wells is a gifted and wise woman. Her intuitive knowledge has gave my mind clarity, and her wisdom has inspired my life.
~ Annie