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Immerse yourself in a unique 1-on-1 coaching program that goes beyond simply creating a vision board. Get ready to unlock the power of manifestation with a vision board that reflects your genuine desires and a personalized visualization routine that will transform those desires into reality.


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Don't let another year slip away without manifesting an amazing vision board

  • Have you always wanted to make a vision board but never did?
  • Have you made a vision board that produced underwhelming results?
  • Did you make a vision board but didn’t know what to do with it afterwards?
  • Do you find it hard to establish a clear vision because of an overwhelming number of goals and desires?
  • Does skepticism and doubt get in the way of you using this powerful tool?
  • Do you feel stuck in a current situation and can’t even imagine a way out of it never mind making a vision board about it?
  • Do you struggle with visualizing and making a visualization practice or routine?

Why Make a Vision Board With Me?

Prepare to take your vision board to the next level as this powerful collaboration will supercharge your progress and fuel your potential.

After you've completed your vision board you'll receive a custom-designed visualization practice to manifest it, taking into account your unique learning style and belief systems.

Receive encouragement and inspiration. Discover practical strategies and embrace an enchanting and transformative mindset that will fuel your motivation to manifest.  

Clearly define what you want reflecting your authentic dreams and desires. Plus you’ll have resources to find the right pictures and words to make your vision board more meaningful.

- Kathleen V.

It’s one thing to create a vision board, but it’s quite another experience to create a vision board with Melissa Wells. Working with her vision board expertise elevated the entire process to what, for me, was a life-altering process.

- Unison F.

I've always loved creating vision boards, but working with Melissa was next level. It was so much fun! AND THEN her true magic came through when she expertly walked me through the meaning behind what I had created. I have had a stellar year and I owe a BIG part of that to putting my vision together with her as a guide.


For 8 years I created a vision board and passively hoped that my wishes would come true. But this time Melissa showed me how to speak to it, follow up on the goals and manifest them. She used just the right mix of spirituality, psychology and artistic interpretation to make me comfortable. I appreciate her wisdom, humor and completely trust her intuition.


It is essential to have someone in your life who sees who you really are. And shows it to you again and again until it’s obvious that you have to and want to act on it. With specific actions. That’s what Melissa does. She reflects your own passion back to you. I am so fortunate to have had her as my navigator for this amazing year.


Working with Melissa is like finding a ray of sunshine through the fog. She sees the best in you, and knows how to bring it to the surface. The zest and creativity she brings to her own life are contagious and inspiring. Without her help, I would not have begun writing the book that had been in my head for so long. Her encouragement and support have kept me going, even when I doubted myself. 


Make and Manifest Your Vision Board

Finally make a vision board that works with a vision board expert and inspirational co-creator.
Purchase this special 1-on-1 coaching package for this vision board season at an introductory price. I can only take on a few clients so book your first session now.

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Melissa Meredith Wells is a passionate artist and inspirational teacher. She is an expert in the fields of vision boards, creative visualization, and neurodiversity. 

She published the first ever Vision Board Clip Art book with great success in 2019 and innovated dynamic digital vision board presentations.

A co-founder and developer of a Silicon Valley learning style software company, Melissa is driven to help others understand their unique process and creativity as a tool for personal growth and career development. 

Melissa's engaging classes, workshops and training have empowered countless people across the United States, enabling them to achieve success and gain self-awareness.

She is a professional with a fun personality and a highly active approach to coaching and teaching which makes her an ideal mentor for those looking to explore their passions and realize their potential using vision boards and creative visualization. 

Meet Your Instructor

Vision Board Creation: I'll guide you through the process of creating a vision board that truly represents your dreams, goals, and aspirations. You'll learn how to choose images and words that resonate with your heart's desires and arrange them in a way that inspires and motivates you every day. In addition you’ll receive printable images to make your vision board.

Once you've finished your vision board, it's time to take the next step towards manifesting your dreams. Simply book your second session with me and don't forget to share a photo of your new amazing vision board.

Manifesting Visualization Routine: Once your vision board is complete, I’ll help you develop a daily routine that involves visualizing your dreams into reality. You'll learn to use the power of your mind to attract the opportunities and resources and generate the motivation needed to achieve your goals. Plus I’ll help you discover your learning style and use the most effective methods for manifesting.

This vision board coaching package is a journey towards manifesting your dreams and turning them into reality.

Let's create a life you love, one vision board at a time.

What's included in the package?

This coaching package includes TWO one on one coaching sessions plus printables, worksheets, and visualization materials.

What exactly is a vision board?

A vision board is a tangible representation of your goals, dreams, and aspirations. It's a collage of images, words, and symbols that visually illustrate what you want to achieve in life. The idea is that by regularly looking at your vision board, you help focus your thoughts and attention on your goals, thereby attracting the opportunities and resources necessary to achieve them.

How does creative visualization work in this package?

Creative visualization is a technique where you mentally imagine and experience your goals as if they've already been achieved. In this package, I'll help you develop a routine of daily creative visualization sessions focused on the goals represented on your vision board. There are several types of visualization techniques that apply directly to the type of wish or goal you have.

How long are each of the one-on-one coaching sessions included in the package?

Each session is 45 minutes long and includes email follow-ups with the both of us.

Is this package suitable for beginners with no prior experience in creating vision boards or practicing visualization?

Absolutely! Our package is designed to cater to individuals at all levels, from beginners to those already familiar with the concepts of vision boards and creative visualization. I will guide you step-by-step through the process.

How long does it take to see results from using a vision board and practicing creative visualization?

The time it takes to manifest your goals can vary greatly depending on various factors, including the nature of your goals, your level of commitment, and the consistency of your visualization practice. However, many individuals report experiencing positive shifts in their thoughts, beliefs, and life circumstances within a few weeks of beginning their practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make and Manifest Your Vision Board

Finally make a vision board that works with a vision board expert and inspirational co-creator.
Purchase this special 1-on-1 coaching package for this vision board season at an introductory price. I can only take on a few clients so book your first session now.

Purchase the Package