As a young art student Melissa Meredith Wells was told that she could never make a living doing what she loved. So she learned about manifesting, self-motivation, and how to overcome both internal and external obstacles using vision boards and creative visualization.

The result? Melissa Meredith Wells combined her artistic talents with personal development tools creating all kinds of applications and workshops that address self-actualization, creative manifestation and visualization.

She taught and trained managers, CEOs, students, and roller derby girls about focused energy, learning styles, vision boards, and creative visualization.

Melissa Wells published the very first vision board clip art book called The 2020 Vision Board Clip Art Book then a follow-up book called The Premium Vision Board Clip Art Book. Melissa currently lives in California. She loves to learn, create, write, cook, and laugh out loud. 

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I am available to write or speak about any of the topics I cover on my site (creative visualization, vision boards, digital vision boards, PowerPoint vision boards and Manifesting Media in general) for your blog, conference, podcast, or summit.

Feel free to email me – please include links to your website, dates and deadlines.

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The Power of Vision Boarding

Naomi's podcast features a discussion with Melissa Meredith Wells, an artist, author, teacher, and visualization expert, on the transformative role of integrating vision boards along with Human Design. Wells shares her insights on the essence of vision boarding, its instructive potential, and offers valuable tips for both digital and traditional approaches, making this episode a must-listen for anyone on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

with Naomi Nakamura

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University of California-Irvine KUCI 88.9 FM

Creative Visualization and Vision Boards

Isha Gupta is the Host of Being Aware with Isha on Air: Spreading Social Awareness, a Public Affairs Show broadcasting on KUCI 88.9 FM Irvine, the University of California-Irvine’s radio station. Being Aware with Isha on Air sheds light on a variety of societal concerns and features empowering talks with admirable guests from across the globe. In this episode Isha and Melissa talk about vision boards, creative visualization and neurodiversity. 

Being Aware with Isha on Air

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Mystic Mag

Vision Boards Galore

Sarah Kirton interviews Melissa Wells sharing her unique approach to using digital vision boards as manifesting media, leveraging her personal learning style background and ability to interpret vision boards to guide people through their manifesting journey.