Get a Custom-Designed PowerPoint Vision Board and 2 Visualization Coaching Sessions

Dynamic Visualization Technology

PowerVision Board Breakthrough combines customized media and specialized coaching for a single goal or desire that you wish to manifest. Your personalized media materials infuse you with powerful visions of your dream coming true. They also help you to…

  • Weed out and eliminate limiting beliefs and resistance around your goal or dream.
  • Complete the actions necessary to make this thing happen.
  • Open yourself to support from unknown and surprising sources.

This program is designed to keep you focused and feeling supported as you realize an intention that’s been lingering in your heart for so long, yearning to be expressed. The custom PowerVision Board and Visualization Coaching provide the structure you need to consistently Visualize, Attract and Take Action to make your dream a reality.

Break through resistance… onward into results!

The PowerVision Board Process

Together we gather highly charged vision board content. We find your favorite images, quotes, affirmations, book excerpts, videos and we organize it into a powerful vision board media collection.

I create your customized PowerPoint presentation with inspiring images, video, music, and text media that you watch and listen to often, to attract resources and help from the universe. It also inspires you to take action on your goal.

I make your PowerVision Board mobile for your convenient access to inspiration and motivation. I also deliver a Quickie version for short reminder routines throughout the day, and to turn to in emergency moments when doubt, distraction or procrastination threaten to derail your success!

Make changes and adjustments anytime. This is a dynamic vision board so when you change your mind or get new ideas your board can reflect them immediately.

Your New Vision Board

With your new PowerVision Board you’ll be visualizing, affirming, and taking action toward your goals on a consistent basis. Consistency is key. You are reprogramming your mind’s neural pathways for success, and that takes repetition. That is why I also develop an organized plan for you to follow during our sessions.

Striking a healthy balance between being future-goal-focused and being in the present moment is the work we do as conscious creators. By taking action toward your future goals (in addition to visualizing them) it allows you to relax and enjoy the present moment more, because you feel confident that your dreams are being addressed and worked on.

A presentation with timing and music. Make your vision board come alive!!

This is dynamic visualization technology
— the first of its kind!
You can be an early adopter and reap the benefits
for $1200


What You’ll Get

  • 2 Visualization Coaching Sessions
  • Custom PowerVision Board: 12-20 beautifully assembled slides
  • Quickie Board for Reminders and Doubt/Distraction Emergency
  • PowerVision Board exported into social media application of your choice (private) for your mobile device
  • Visualization Plan & Schedule based on your lifestyle