Make Online Vision Boards That Really Work


Online vision boards are a game changer in your life because they can be accessed immediately and contain amazingly fresh and dynamic content.

With an online mobile vision board you can program yourself with positivity on a consistent basis.

This barrage of fresh inspiring information creates new neural pathways that change your attitude and behavior.

If you’re serious about achieving your goals and realizing your dreams, a mobile online vision board is the power tool you need to make big shifts in your vibrational output.

In this article you’ll learn how to create your own online vision board and get it on your mobile phone using social media platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, or Tumblr in addition to using PowerPoint, YouTube, Blogspot, or WordPress.

The best part?
All of these ideas are free and easy to implement.

Make Online Vision Boards

Let’s do this!
Here are the information sections available in this post to help you create a vision board online and use it to improve your life.

  1. What Are Vision Boards and Their Online Counterparts?
  2. Introducing the Multi-Purpose Online Vision Board
  3. The Anatomy of an Online Vision Board
  4. Benefits
  5. Six Ways to Make FREE Online Vision Boards
  6. Infographic: My Dog’s Vision Board Story

1. What Are Vision Boards and Their Online Counterparts?

Vision boards are made by cutting out images from magazines that represent the things or experiences you want to have in your life.

Then you arrange and glue these images to a large poster board and have it displayed so you can see it everyday and attract more of what you want in your life (check out my vision board post if you want to learn more about them.)

The traditional way of making a vision board involves cut-and-paste on paper media which is a lot of fun, but if you need to make changes, it’s not so easy to update.

Online vision boards are vision boards made using software applications and accessible to you on the internet using your mobile device or laptop/desktop.

There are vision board apps designed specifically for online vision board making or you can make them on platforms you already know and use such as like Pinterest, Facebook or PowerPoint. They can all have privacy settings so your information is available only to you.

2. Introducing the Multi-Purpose Online Vision Board

Mobile online vision boards can be both specific and holistic. Use them for a particular goal, or enlist them in manifesting your overall big-picture dream life.

Either way, this modern version of the tried-and-true paper art vision board hands you the epic force of faith-bolstering that you need to move any mountains currently standing in your way.

vision board hanging on wall with mobile vision board on cell phone

The difference between a classic vision board hanging on the wall and an online vision board available on a mobile phone.

Use your mobile vision board to focus on your goal or dream. Since it’s organized into functional segments you have the right materials for any specific job.

  • At times you need to remind yourself of what you’re doing and why.
  • At times you may need to find the energy to jumpstart yourself and take action steps toward achieving your goal.
  • At times you need to switch your vibration from doubt and debbie downer to an uplifting true believer.
  • You can also add images and words about any progress you’re making to keep you on track and see all inroads you make along the way.

Your vision board is there to motivate you, inspire you, remind you, bolster you, and cheer you on… especially during times when you experience resistance and crippling limiting beliefs.

3. The Anatomy of an Online Vision Board

Here is an example of a vision board made with Facebook. It’s purpose is to create motivation to workout and get healthy.

There are videos and personal photos the user uploaded plus many exercise benefits and transformation success stories to keep her motivated.

This snippet from her board demonstrates just a fraction of the variety of information available on an online vision board.

Anatomy of an Online Vision Board

This is an example of a section of a vision board that is focused on motivating the user to develop healthier habits.

4. The Benefits of Using Online Mobile Vision Boards

There are a lot of advantages to using an online vision board. This is not to take away from the amazing power of a classic vision board.

The act of giving yourself permission to see your life outside a restraining and self-limiting box is great for expressing the best version of yourself. Any form of vision board can do that. However, the online version has a few perks that I’ll tell you about right now.

An online vision board is available 24/7. By having it at the ready you can use it to shift your thinking or emotional state changing your vibration into something you’d rather experience.

View your vision board several times a day to remind yourself to stay focused on doing things that work toward your goals or dreams. You can also make them to support loving thoughts and relieve anxiety.

Because you have an almost infinite space to work online your vision board does not have to be so jammed and overwhelmed with information. You can organize the board into sections or even create a separate online vision board for each aspect of your life.

Classic vs Television Vision Board

With digital vision board you can dwell on each intention with focus and simple layouts.

Multi-media goodies amplify the inspiration and strategic vision of an ordinary vision board. With the dynamic digital version of vision boards, you have the ability to update content and enhance the visuals with music, audio and affirmations personally written by you.

This is especially important because not everyone is strictly a visual learner. Some people succeed better by talking or listening to information while others prefer movement and engaging their entire body into a situation. By having music, video, audio and alternative instructions available everybody can now “visualize” in their own unique way.

The new vision board provides powerful real-time motivation for you to take inspired action. And that is the ultimate game changer for conscious manifesting.

Why is that?

Gazing at a collage on the wall a few times a week is nice, but that artwork won’t help you when you’re out there in the real world, struggling with doubt. You need reminders right there with you, at your fingertips, and the mobile vision board is the perfect tool for the job.

Plus having many motivating reasons to do something is especially helpful because what worked for you on Monday may not have the same inspiration that you need on Thursday.

mobile vision board to gym

Don’t feel like doing something you know is good for you? Take out your mobile phone and look at a motivating vision board. You’ll find the reason to get into action there. 

In my work building vision boards for clients, I specify mini-boards to be used in case of doubt, distraction or an emergency deluge of negative thoughts. It’s like having a digital first aid kit for negative thinking.

Digital First Aid Kit

This is a necessary component because the truth is, we often start out visualizing and affirming with enthusiasm, but quickly get derailed by life’s business and limiting beliefs. My work is to help you stay on track… all the way to the finish line, where your goal or dream becomes your reality.

With this kind of dynamic content available, the online mobile vision board leaves the old cut-and-paste paper variety of vision board back in the 20th century.

5. Six Ways to Make FREE Online Vision Boards

There are many methods to get a vision board online. You can use software applications, internet applications, specially-designed vision board applications and my favorite… social media applications.

All of these have privacy settings to keep your vision board away from the nay-sayers and internet trolls.

I’ve implemented all types of online vision boards, so I’ll share with you some of the ideas and methods I’ve discovered.

I prefer applications that I already use everyday to keep things simple and cut down on the number of apps in my busy techie world.

I add to my vision boards throughout the week, and since much of that new content comes through social media, it’s extremely handy to also house the vision board itself on the social media platform.

Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr can all be used as vision boards. Yes! And I LOVE THEM for that.

You can create private Facebook groups to house your online vision board in that application. Or make a private tumblr blog in that platform.

And of course Pinterest is great for vision boards (change the board to “secret” instead of public). Recently, Pinterest came out with Sections that further organize boards by sub-topics. This makes it a great tool for several types of mini boards in a larger vision board.

You can use software applications like Powerpoint, Apple’s Keynote, or Google Drive Slides. Make each slide into a separate idea or inspiration. Create as many slides as you need.

When your slides are loaded up with representations of your heart’s desire, simply run a slideshow anytime you need a lift. You can make multiple documents for each goal or dream.

You can also export your slideshow as a .mov and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo (with privacy settings on if you prefer) and watch it whenever you need a lift to keep you moving forward. You can also put it on to access it there. They too provide privacy settings.

Use Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs to create a digital vision board. Insert your images and enter inspiring text into one document or several documents. Convert them to PDF format so you can access them from anywhere on any device.

Make an entire Vision Board Book by uploading your PDF to an online self-publishing company to create a hardbound book of your very own for the non-online version. and are popular one-off book manufacturers.

YouTube has a Creator Studio that you can access from your user profile settings. Insert images and video clips, then type in text to make custom designed videos. It’s easy and a quick way to create a vision board movie and edit and add to it anytime.

You can also use an animated PowerPoint presentation exported as a .mov and upload that to YouTube for your vision board movie.

Be sure to change the settings to “Private” or “Unlisted,” as most new videos default to “public.”

These kinds of online vision boards are amazing because you can go very deep with them. I create WordPress vision board websites for myself and my clients.

They allow for endless versatility and maximum creative control over the format of the inspirational content. But this is really for those of you who are already blogging or comfortable with website design. has free sites you can make and keep private. Also is Google’s version of a blog site and is also dynamite for an extensive online vision board. All of these options offer privacy password protected settings.

There are also online vision board apps available that are specially designed for vision boards. Jack Canfield has one. “Dream It Alive” is another.
Hay House Vision Board
Picmonkey Vision Board
Canva is also a super fun tool to make online vision boards with.

The Second Mind

I’ve come up with this concept called “The Second Mind.” It’s a phrase that describes a physical space where you store inspirational material that counteracts the negative, limiting thoughts and beliefs in your head. These materials include written affirmations, inspiring images, vision boards, wish lists, and all things related to attaining your dreams and desires—tools for changing your attitude, beliefs and vibrations.

You can consciously create your very own Second Mind, and refer to it when you stray from your goals or need to improve and shift your state of being. Your Second Mind can be on paper or on your favorite gadget(s). Ideally your hopes and dreams are stored in this place with some kind of order to create the consistency required for manifestation.

I believe that technology can be leveraged to make great leaps forward in consciousness and personal development. I’m seeing something as amazing as a smart phone and social media platforms can become this Second Mind but whether you use Pinterest or Facebook or a written journal – having a place where you store and access information specifically designed to change your vibration or your brain’s neural pathways is an excellent tool in our evolution.

What is important is to have a constant Resource Stream to keep your materials dynamic and fresh and inspiring and motiving; Books, Quotes Articles Videos from other people that are inspiring and shifting; reading about other people who have the success you desire; reading about successful law of attraction to keep you focused and eyes on the prize. The job of the visualization designer is to keep you going with fresh content, techniques and ideas.

Make Your Smart Phone into an Amazing Custom Vision Board and Motivational Center
We have access to information all the time. Why not funnel that information into our mind consciously and deliberately?

With a combination of powerful custom information available at your fingertips and programmed alerts, email reminders and ringtones you can access these things:

  • Motivation to Stick with New Habits
  • Recondition Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Reminders of Inner Peace and Gratitude
  • Anti-Anxiety Antidotes
  • Keep Your Focus on What Is Important to You
  • Reconnect to Source Energy
  • Deep Breathing Reminders
  • Shift Your Attention Away From a Negative Spiral

With your new Online Vision Board you’ll be visualizing, affirming, and taking action toward your goals on a consistent basis. Consistency is key. You are reprogramming your mind’s neural pathways for success, and that takes repetition.

Striking a healthy balance between being future-goal-focused and being in the present moment is the work we do as conscious creators. By taking action toward your future goals (in addition to visualizing them) it allows you to relax and enjoy the present moment more, because you feel confident that your dreams are being addressed and worked on.

I’d love to hear about your experience with online vision boards and invite you to enter your comments below.


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