My Mission Vision Statement


Miss Wells Mission Vision Statement to Visualize World Peace


I support those of us who are willing to redefine the world in a way that is more magical and less cynical; more compassionate and less combative; more about the power of consciousness and less about the power of overpowering.

Deciding to let go of conventional wisdom and rely instead on a less tangible source of knowledge is gutsy, and not always easy to do.

I believe in the power of creative visualization and our ability to positively transform reality using more than just hard science and technology.

On a personal level, I believe the audacity of envisioning good things happening (when they clearly are not) does not make one “unrealistic.” It is the hero’s journey. And it provides the motivation and hard work necessary to overcome the gravitational pull of resistance. Our unconscious reflex is to keep things just as they are, even if they are not enjoyable or sustainable, and this is a global issue.

My mission is to teach people how to move from vision to action to non-attachment; to relieve inner suffering; then help assemble us to expand our reach and heal on a global level.
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Miss Wells Mission Vision Statement


Based on John F. Kennedy’s “Landing on the Moon” speech
I believe that, before this century is out, humans should commit themselves to developing the ability to heal the planet and its inhabitants using our manifesting powers of conscious intent.

No single endeavor in this period will be more important than the raising of our consciousness!

This will take place in two ways:

1) We will develop the ability to forge reality, manifest, and heal with our minds amassed together as one. How else are we going to repair the condition of an entire planet?

2) We will transform the outdated and unsustainable values that have condemned our species and all other living creatures. I envision these archaic values fading off as phantoms of an age where compassion, love, and kindness were considered mere trinkets compared to power, entitlement and status.

This will not cost a single penny, but it will cost a perception of reality that many still hold as precious and reliable.


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