Is the Universe a Vast Customer Support Desk?


Is the universe like a customer support desk?

Does the Universe sit at a Law of Attraction Customer Support Desk and give you exactly what you ask for? If you ask me, the answer is yes… and no and always.

Let’s start with “yes.”

Yes, the Universe gives me what I ask for. Some of the time. At times I’ve asked for cool stuff and “poof!” like magic it appeared. This has happened with money, objects, guidance and boyfriends.

But, then again, “no.”

No, the Universe does not give me what I ask for. Some of the time. Sometimes I’ve asked for stuff and no “poof”… no nothing. This has also happened with money, objects, and boyfriends.


The Universe always gives me guidance. Every time. When I ask for anything, I quickly receive guidance in the form of a synchronistic event. Things like opening a book to a relevant passage, the uncanny contents of a fortune cookie, a conversation, an email, a song, a billboard—all kinds of things show up with messages that exactly relate to a recent concern.

Clearly, these synchronicities come from an intelligence embedded somewhere in my world. They’ve been too accurate and coincidental to make me think otherwise. I’d like to add that these synchronized goings-on usually contain an element of humor, which I adore!

So far, I have one conclusion about the dependability of the Law of Attraction in my life. The Universe consistently provides me with guidance more consistently than it provides me with stuff. Why is that? Why is the Universe responding to me with communication, but refusing to give me a winning lottery ticket or a great looking dude with a trust fund?

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Is the Universe a Customer Support Desk?
There are several possible answers, and here are two of them:

1. I am great at vibrating to the tune of guidance… but not so good at vibrating and allowing money, objects and wealthy boyfriends into my life. It is completely my responsibility to become better at vibrating and I simply need to improve that skill set.

2. The Universe vibrates too, and has its own Law of Attraction demands for me (karma, dharma, pre-determined life design and such). So when it comes time for me to ask for stuff, I’ve got to work with its vibration, rather than against it.

I’ve got Issues… with the Law of Attraction

The concept of the Law of Attraction raises a lot of issues for me. Some people are emphatic in asserting that you always receive exactly what you ask for. What you ask for is based on how you are vibrating or feeling most of the time and what you focus your thinking on.

This applies to good fortune like prosperity, success and love as well as misfortune like disease, poverty and violence. Do we experience horrible events and struggle because we’re not vibrating properly? I can’t get my head wrapped around that idea completely. I just can’t.

I believe we are responsible for how we respond to and deal with our situations and life circumstances. I can’t say that we’re creating them consciously or unconsciously. Maybe we’re part of the design team but we’re not the chief executive creative officer.


The word “context” seems so right to me with regard to the Law of Attraction, manifestation, co-creation, and creative visualization.

Context is what we have to work with. It provides us with elements of both ease and struggle. It’s the stuff that defines our particular hero’s journey or life purpose, and it can be stubbornly unyielding to the demands we make on it. But that’s where we get to develop our manifestation muscle, as well as our ability to accept and surrender to “what is.”

I don’t think we have complete control over context. But we do have the ability to express amazing parts of ourselves within context. And we can organize our thoughts into focused actions that achieve more focused results.

Challenging context forces us to ask for help by reaching out to others or communicating with the greater Universe. In this way it compels us to use the Law of Attraction whether or not we intend to.

Challenging context also prompts us to accept what we currently have, whether we like it or not, and this acceptance is a major spiritual life lesson. Without context learning acceptance could not be possible, and manifestations would have no meaning in our lives. Context is part of what makes our lives rich in the spiritual sense.

Look Under the Tree

What service is the Universe rendering? If I define “customer support desk” as something like Santa Claus leaving items from my wish list under a tree, I will be continuously disappointed. And I have yet to meet anyone who has gotten everything they ever asked for. Context can thwart even the best of manifestors.

It is context that defines what I ask for. And it is context, as defined by the Universe, that determines what and when I receive it. Sometimes the stuff I ask for results in negative consequences. Other times I receive stuff I didn’t ask for, but it ends up being the best thing that ever happened to me.

Asking-then-listening seems like an important part of this interplay. I am beginning to believe the Universe really, really, really likes to communicate. Communication is a main component of relationships, so I conclude that, above all else, the invisible forces around me want to have a relationship with me.

That doesn’t mean I won’t do my best to feel passion and to match my vibration to the things I desire. I still think that’s important as a way of creating better life circumstances and emotional well-being. However, it does mean that I rely on communication more than the overnight delivery of my desires.

I won’t always receive a winning lottery ticket or its equivalent, but I will continue to receive clever reminders to accept “what is.” I will always listen in earnest to the playful messages, and hold up my end of this relationship I’m having with the Universe.

Like those online help desks, the Universe can’t always give you exactly what you want, in the exact timeframe you demand, but its loving chat line remains open 24/7.


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