What is a Creative Visualization Designer?


A Creative Visualization Designer is part coach and part multi-media designer. It’s a completely new occupation and I invented it from my own experience using creative visualization to help me believe in myself as a fine artist.

The intention of doing creative visualization design is to find the best way for you to know and communicate exactly what you want to the Universe and your own unconscious mind. This is done by coming up with visualization session outlines and routines in addition to creating multi-media materials.

When you commission a Visualization Designer to handle your creative visualization routine and materials, you are free to focus on the visioning. They design materials that infuse you with gorgeous transcendent visions of your dreams come true… AND instill you with intense desire to take inspired action.

What Is a Creative Visualization Designer?

It’s the perfect recipe for lasting positive change, and it also keeps you engaged and feeling good as you make your way toward the finish line.

How Does Creative Visualization Work?

If a Creative Visualization Designer helps people become better at creative visualization then what is creative visualization? Creative Visualization is a technique where you use your mind to envision what you want in your life purposefully and with great intention. It is a form of mental rehearsal whereby you visualize vivid scenes of goals you want to accomplish or qualities you want to embody in order to actualize them in the material world.
There are two branches of creative visualization and various combinations of the two. The first is using visualization to make behavioral changes, enhance performance and to remove disempowering beliefs. The second is to enlist the forces of the Universe to attract more of what you want and/or to remain open and embrace opportunities and lucky coincidences that come your way.


INFOGRAPHIC: Creative Visualization Designer - Coaching and Design
INFOGRAPHIC: Creative Visualization Designer – Coaching and Design

The Job of the Creative Visualization Designer

A Creative Visualization Designer does several things to help you create a solid creative visualization practice. They create a custom-designed visualization routine by understanding your intentions, how you best learn and the available time you have to actually visualize.

They also produce and curate media such as guided meditations, images, quotes, audio and video for you to access using your mobile device or laptop. This way you have supportive material to generate new beliefs, motivations and universal connection that you need to make significant change in your life 24/7.

A Creative Visualization Designer accomplishes this by address the following things:

The role of coach comes into play as your deepest intentions and desires need to be revealed in a trusted environment. Your wishes are indeed treasures and should be handled with care and appreciation. Staying inspired and motivated is key to manifesting a vision. Creative visualization materials are designed to take the place of coaching but coaching is still required to produce materials that speak directly to you and push your best buttons.


The first step is to come up with content for your visualization sessions. Discover your heart’s desire what you really want ; get clear and precise and inspired; connect your head to heart.

Then define your aspirations into action visualizations where you have to do things to manifest what you want. Finding what motivates you into action is a key part of this exploration.

Then define what you need to attract in order to manifest what you want. Attraction visualization where you have to pull in resources like money or support from people.  Underlying limiting beliefs and resistance are super important to make this content effective.


Media search begins for treasured best words and affirmations and images and quotes articles that work and inspire you (what works one day won’t work the next) keep it fresh.

Put them in PowerPoint which is the application of choice for a Visualization Designer to organize the materials in. Then export items into  your favorite social media application such as Pinterest, Facebook (private pages) or Google docs something I refer to as your visualization platform so you have access to your inspiring content  24/7.

You might respond well to guided meditations and motivating audio and video to embed neural pathways so links to that material would also live on your visualization platform. In addition to finding your favorite songs that put you in a great frame of mind  to accompany your visualization process.


Make routines for different situations; assemble them into routines and visualization sessions; then develop best practices based on unique learning and personality style.

With your Creative Visualization Gear, you’ll be visualizing, affirming, and taking action toward your goals on a consistent basis. Consistency is key. You are reprogramming your mind’s neural pathways for success, and that takes a bit of repetition. That is why one of the major pieces a VD can do for you is to develop an organized plan for you to follow, and a schedule of timely reminders that I send to you.

Repetitive actions create new neural pathways and new habits. Your custom Creative Visualization Design program includes a Master Plan that is carefully crafted for your unique personality and situation, with realistic timeframes and inherent flexibility.
Visualization Design allows you to discover a successful manifestation process that is uniquely yours—a process that you’ll repeat over and over again to succeed in any endeavor or facet of life.

The times that you choose to visualize are intended for what you want to manifest or what is going on in your life. Often visualization is done in the morning and in the evening. These sessions are more of an overview of what you’d like to see happen and sometimes they drill down to very specific items that are time sensitive. However, visualization design creates materials and routines that can be used for special instances throughout your day.

Adapting Learning Style and Personal Belief Systems

Everyone is different so  your learning and communication style is taken into account as we work together putting the visualization program in place this includes deciding what kind of layouts you prefer; whether they are in a grid organized pattern or more splashy and animated and colorful.

Also the choice of media comes into play. Some people are more auditory and require listening to things while others are very visual and prefer looking at things. Also taken into account are your degree of skepticism, enthusiasm, belief, and open-mindedness as the development of the content of your materials should speak to you honestly and in a way that you will best respond to.

The choice of media you want to use such as audio or visual in addition to the platform you prefer Facebook versus Google Docs is related to your learning and communication style. Being sensitive to that is important to get best results.

Creative Visualization Gear: 5 Tools of a Creative Visualization Designer

There are 5 primary tools that a visualization designer produces. These are chosen depending on the best learning and communication style for the client.


Some people respond well to audio. This includes guided meditations, lectures, guided imagery and even conversation falls under this. There are thousands of guided meditations available YouTube and on the internet. It is easy to make a custom guided visualization playlist on YouTube so you have several pieces in a row that relate to different things you want in life.

My favorite use of audio is to use songs that are super uplifting and fill you with energy to visualize to. The passion you feel as you listen to the song immediately gets thrown into your visualization and provides the proper ingredient for manifestation – highly positive love energy focused on your desire.


Some people are highly visual and images work like a charm with them. Pictures can become potent symbols for a person as “a picture is worth a thousand words” so finding the right image is important to jumpstart a visualization session or keep you reminded to hold onto a feeling.

Also words with pictures can be a double whammy. Combining a powerful verbal statement with an image can really embed a visualization.

Some people adore animation and other people find it super distracting. Adding movement to text or imagery can also be used as a device to support visuals for visualization design.


Words are the third tool and they are powerful. There are certain phrases and quotes that can make an impact on a person. Finding those word combinations are key to transformation.

Whether you write them, read them aloud or silently read through them, words are powerful. Repetition of words makes changes in the neural networks of the brain. Finding the right word combinations—for YOU, at a given point in time—is key to successful transformation.

  • Written Affirmations
  • Spoken / Recorded Affirmations
  • Mantras to create a mood / energy
  • Mantras to counteract sabotaging thoughts
  • Text labels for graphic images and video
  • Short form narrative, telling the story of your goal achieved
  • A skilled Visualization Designer is adept at helping you select the most fruitful word choices for your particular goal, your situation, and your brain.


The 3 power tools of media (audio, visuals and words) converge happily in a dynamic Powerpoint Vision Board—built just for you! Creative options abound. The PowerVision Board is a dynamic slide show of creative visualization fodder, with many whistles and bells available.

Your PowerVision Board can contain moving animations of text and beautiful imagery, set to music and spoken affirmations. It’s a digital version of a traditional vision board, with the added ability to update the content when things change. Sometimes you gain clarity and want to redefine your goal. Sometimes you discover a great new image, phrase, or song to include. No problem! The PowerVision Board is easily updated to accommodate the new inspiration.

Another benefit of the PowerVision Board is that you can shuffle the different slides around and play with the possibilities in a visual/tactile way. You may find that just playing with the slides and content results in a newfound understanding about your desires and intentions.

Once a critical mass of inspiring media has been collected for your goal or dream, it’s time to start doing the creative visualization and reaping results!


The last tool that is vital to visualization design is the place that will house all this inspiring content. How are you going to access the material? It can be a combination of applications or just using one. I prefer using PowerPoint on my laptop for my longer sessions then having Pinterest hold my quick needed motivations for action, attraction and belief rewiring.

You can store this material on Facebook either as private pages, Google+ as a private community, Tumblr, WordPress password protected websites, Google Docs, Pinterest and any other content management system you prefer.

The Second Mind: An Innovative Approach to Creative Visualization

This is more than creative visualization. It is about transformation using the tools of visualization. It’s about getting very intentional about using the power of the mind including visualization, mindfulness and neural pathway rerouting and connecting to source.

I’ve come up with this concept called “The Second Mind.” It’s a phrase that describes a physical space where you store inspirational material that counteracts the negative, limiting thoughts and beliefs in your head. These materials include written affirmations, inspiring images, vision boards, wish lists, and all things related to attaining your dreams and desires—tools for changing your attitude, beliefs and vibrations.

You can consciously create your very own Second Mind, and refer to it when you stray from your goals or need to improve and shift your state of being. Your Second Mind can be on paper or on your favorite gadget(s). Ideally your hopes and dreams are stored in this place with some kind of order to create the consistency required for manifestation.

I believe that technology can be leveraged to make great leaps forward in consciousness and personal development. I’m seeing something as amazing as a smart phone and social media platforms can become this Second Mind but whether you use Pinterest or Facebook or a written journal – having a place where you store and access information specifically designed to change your vibration or your brain’s neural pathways is an excellent tool in our evolution.

What is important is to have a constant Resource Stream to keep your materials dynamic and fresh and inspiring and motiving; Books, Quotes Articles Videos from other people that are inspiring and shifting; reading about other people who have the success you desire; reading about successful law of attraction to keep you focused and eyes on the prize. The job of the visualization designer is to keep you going with fresh content, techniques and ideas.

Make Your Smart Phone into an Amazing Custom Vision Board and Motivational Center.
We have access to information all the time. Why not funnel that information into our mind consciously and deliberately?

With a combination of powerful custom information available at your fingertips and programmed alerts, email reminders and ringtones you can access these things:

Motivation to Stick with New Habits
Recondition Your Unlimiting Beliefs
Dynamic and Animated Vision Boards
Reminders of Inner Peace and Gratitude
Guided Meditations
Anti-Anxiety Antidotes
Keep Your Focus on What Is Important to You
Steps to Reconnect to Source
Deep Breathing Exercises
Guided Meditations and Music That Shifts Your Attention

In Case of Emergency

Have you ever seen those emergency fire extinguisher cases that say “break open in case of emergency”? I’m giving you an extinguisher of negative thoughts and feelings (without the messy broken glass). Your custom materials include Self-Talk Replacers and Urgent Care for your dreams.

Having materials at the ready to either motivate you into action or keep you trusting and believing that everything is okay is the underlying strength to visualization design.

The result? You have all the motivation you need, at your fingertips, round the clock, including what-to-do-if material  for those times when you slip into doubt, fear, or apathy.

If you are interested in becoming trained on how to use visualization design for yourself and your clients please contact me.

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