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Your custom-designed session includes visualizations for goal achievement and improved performance in addition to attracting resources, connection to source or releasing limiting beliefs.

Beautifully designed booklet with your visualization session content clearly outlined with routines and a calendar schedule.

Have your favorite song transformed into a visualization vision video for inspiration and passion using my music visualization method.

This package gives you structure, inspiration and digital media that guides and steadies your visualization practice so you stay on the path to success.

Get creative visualization sessions and routines designed specifically for your unique learning style and current life circumstances. The resulting visualization practice keeps you consistently engaged with realizing your intention until you cross the finish line to your goal.

The structure I offer you comes from many years of using creative visualization myself and helping other people like you. These methods work because they’re built upon research on goal achievement in addition to best practices for creating an unlimited mindset and connecting to pure potentiality.

Working with me is like hiring a personal trainer for your dreams, goals and desires.

I really listen to you and find out what your personal needs, goals, dreams and challenges are. Then, with your input, I design a custom Creative Visualization Portfolio and Plan that makes you unstoppable!

Plug into the power of creative visualization and enjoy the process of bringing your dream to fruition.

Your FIRST WISH Visualization Package Includes:

• Two coaching sessions with Melissa Meredith Wells
• Custom Creative Visualization Portfolio
• BONUS: Your Favorite Song Visualization Music Video!

You get all this amazing support at an
introductory price for a limited time only.


This offer expires March 5, 2019

Understand how to use creative visualization to create more love,
abundance, inner peace, opportunities, creativity, and much more.

Use best practices based on your unique learning style. Incorporate specific techniques for Action Intentions and Big Picture Law of Attraction Intentions.
Get clear on your intention and have visual cues at the ready. Include powerful positive emotions and strongly held beliefs.
Find the time for you to get into the realm of pure potentiality. Have shorter sessions to motivate to action and keep a positive vibration.
Discover what gets in the way of getting what you want and use creative visualization to change. Eliminate limiting beliefs in addition to adding love, passion and motivation.

Meet the First Ever
Creative Visualization Designer

Miss Wells

Hello there!

I know how to turn a well-intentioned creative visualization session into a vapid confusing series of thoughts and random imagery (LOL!). Having done it the wrong way, I persevered and learned what truly does work, and I’m happy to be able to share these solutions with you.

I’ve been creating vision boards and using creative visualization for decades now. I’m a multi-media artist, so working with my imagination is second nature to me. It’s pretty much the only way I get things done. I start first in my mind with an emotional connection to an idea, then I am spurred to action.

Having worked with a diverse array of people over the years, I discovered several methods that are effective—across the board—for realizing dreams and staying on task to make them happen. I started integrating these success tools into one cohesive approach.

I really hope you’ll take advantage of the solutions I have for you here because creative visualization, when combined with focused action, is one of the most powerful ways to manifest. I love helping you to self-actualize—to be, have and experience all that your heart desires, and all that your soul is meant to express. This is BIG.

Introducing the FIRST WISH Creative Visualization Coaching and Design Package
Here’s what you get!


This program gives you the opportunity to connect your head to your heart and feel the true motivation behind your intention.


You receive two 45-minute phone sessions with this package. The first is a Discovery Session and the second is an Implementation Session.


Beautifully designed booklet with your visualization session outlined and links to media. Available in PDF or PPT. Extra fee for printed version plus shipping.


Have your favorite song transformed into a visualization vision video for inspiration and passion using my music visualization method.


Use distinctive techniques to reach goals, improve performance, attract resources or enlist support from universal sources.


Create a solid calendar and daily routine to make your visualization practice consistent and sustainable.


“Miss Wells is a creative genius! Her organized methods of applying creative visualization are uniquely inspired and effective. And the graphic design and audio elements she produces are absolutely top notch. Highly recommend.” ~ Debbianne DeRose, Author and Mentor

“It is essential to have someone in your life who sees what you are and sees what you are not. And shows it to you again and again until it’s obvious that you have to and want to act on it. With specific actions. That’s what Melissa does. She reflects your own passion back to you. I am so fortunate to have had her as my navigator for many years.” ~ Jonathan Menchin, Creator of “Top Tune” Show and Music Producer

“Working with Melissa is like finding a ray of sunshine through the fog. She sees the best in you, and knows how to bring it to the surface. The zest and creativity she brings to her own life are contagious and inspiring. Without her help, I would not have begun writing the book that had been in my head for so long. Her encouragement and support have kept me going, even when I doubted myself. Her highly developed intuition and deep understanding of human nature make her a great counselor.” ~ Leslie E., Executive Coach

“Melissa Wells has guided me through several difficult times in my life. Her deep sensibility and immediate connection to underlying truth is startling. Plus, Her deep sensibility and immediate connection to underlying truth is startling. Plus, she is much fun to be with. Her artistic flair encourages creative expression where I did not know I had it!” ~ Mary Edith I., Software Developer

What Is It Like Working with Me?

I use the same client process I’ve used for years as a designer and developer. I first understand what you want to accomplish and what your aesthetic taste and style is.

Then I apply my experience as a learning style developer to determine how you can best understands and communicates—whether it’s audio, visual, or some combination.

I find what symbols and media work best to get you into action and free from limiting beliefs. Then I translate that understanding into actual materials you can access and use every day.

I do this with two phone coaching sessions and email communications. I use Skype and Google for phone sessions for desktop screen sharing to review your vision board materials.

Scheduling an appointment is easy, as you can book available times on my calendar using the Acuity scheduler.

The Working Process

  1. You complete a simple questionnaire.
  2. Together we create a customized Creative Visualization Plan for you.
  3. I integrate the information you provide into a collection of media that you can access anytime, anywhere.
  4. I give you a schedule for interacting with your media that ensures consistency and thorough re-programming on your mind’s neural networks.
  5. Ongoing sessions are available if you would like to work with me further.

Purchase the FIRST WISH Visualization Package

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This offer expires March 5, 2019