Doing Creative Visualization consistently is a powerful way to accomplish your heartfelt intentions and goals. Unfortunately it’s all too easy to get derailed when it comes to visualizing your heart’s desires.

You may become distracted by any number of things and fail to return to your vision. Or resistance and limiting beliefs repeatedly stand in the way of your success.

I’m Melissa Meredith Wells, and I’m a Creative Visualization Designer. I provide structure, inspiration and digital media that guides and steadies your visualization practice so you stay on the path to success. Working with me one-on-one is a lot like hiring a personal trainer for your dreams, goals and desires.

I help you create creative visualization session and routines designed specifically for your unique learning style and current life circumstances. The resulting visualization practice keeps you consistently engaged with realizing your intention until you cross the finish line to your goal.

Plus you’ll receive custom-designed guided visualization playlists and media that support your visualization process 24/7.

The structure I offer you comes from many years of using creative visualization myself and helping other people like you. My methods work because they’re built upon research on goal achievement in addition to best practices for creating an unlimited mindset and connecting to pure potentiality.

I really listen to you and find out what your personal needs, goals, dreams and challenges are. Then, with your input, I design a custom Creative Visualization Portfolio and Plan that makes you unstoppable!

Plug into the power of creative visualization and enjoy the process of bringing your dream to fruition.

Creative Visualization Design Package

Together we create a solid visualization practice to fast-track you to goals and desires:
• Visualization routine designed for what you want right now
• Best practices for your learning style
• Custom guided meditation playlists
• Favorite song choreography

Packages include two coaching sessions and materials.

Purchase Now for $325

What Is It Like Working with Me?

I use the same client process I’ve used for years as a designer and developer. I first understand what you want to accomplish and what your aesthetic taste and style is.

Then I apply my experience as a learning style developer to determine how you can best understands and communicates—whether it’s audio, visual, or some combination.

I find what symbols and media work best to get you into action and free from limiting beliefs. Then I translate that understanding into actual materials you can access and use every day.

I do this with two phone coaching sessions and email communications. I use Skype and Google for phone sessions for desktop screen sharing to review your vision board materials.

Scheduling an appointment is easy, as you can book available times on my calendar using the Acuity scheduler.

The Working Process

  1. You complete a simple questionnaire.
  2. Together we create a customized Creative Visualization Plan for you.
  3. I integrate the information you provide into a collection of media that you can access anytime, anywhere. 
  4. I give you a schedule for interacting with your media that ensures consistency and thorough re-programming on your mind’s neural networks.
  5. Ongoing sessions are available if you would like to work with me further.