Creative Visualization Coaching and Design

Do you want to transform a heartfelt desire into reality?

Did you know that creative visualization has been the key to achievement for many athletes, celebrities, business executives, and anyone who ever wanted to attain something beyond their existing reality? It's a technique where you train your mind to purposefully get what you want in your life by enlisting the power of your unconscious, your actions and the support of the Universe.

The Creative Visualization Coaching and Design Package is a remarkable program that gives you visualization sessions and routines designed specifically for your unique learning style and current life circumstances.

The curriculum is your choice. Together we create a program for concrete goals, improved inner experiences, self actualization, or a combination of them.

I’m Melissa Meredith Wells, and I'm a Creative Visualization Coach and  Designer. I provide structure and guidance to keep you on the path to success. Working with me one-on-one is a lot like hiring a personal trainer... for your hopes and dreams.

When it comes to visualizing your heart's desires, unfortunately it's all too easy to get derailed. Anyone who's ever excitedly launched a list of New Year's Resolutions—only to have the momentum quickly fizzle out—understands exactly what I'm talking about.

You may become distracted by any number of things and fail to return to your vision. You could be overrun with doubt, negativity or limiting beliefs. Has that cherished dream of yours been simmering away on the back burner for far too long?

The structure I offer you comes from many years of using creative visualization myself and helping other people like you. My methods work because they're built upon scientific research, spirituality and metaphysics, and learning style assessment. I work with you to create the very best Creative Visualization practice for you—one that keeps you visualizing consistently—until you cross the finish line to your goal.

Consistency and accountability are key factors for athletes and executives in achieving the goals they set. Keeping you focused, with eyes on the prize, while enjoying and leveraging your interim successes, is what I do best. I guide you in combining Attraction with Action for stellar results. It's the blending of two worlds.

I really listen to you and find out what your personal needs, goals, dreams and challenges are. Then, with your input, I design a custom Creative Visualization Portfolio and Plan that makes you unstoppable! Plug in to the system, do the visualizing and affirming, take the action steps, and enjoy the process of bringing your dream to fruition.

• Personal Discovery Online Assessment
• Two Coaching Sessions
• Email Follow-ups
• Best Practices Specific to You
• Personal Routine and Schedule
• Media to Use with Your Visualization

Cost: $425 

Working with a Creative Visualization Designer is like hiring a personal trainer for your dreams, goals and desires.