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Action and Law of Attraction Visualization Formula
Here is a creative visualization formula that covers all the requirements of an intention such as actions, law of attraction, resources, overcoming limiting beliefs, and even how you’re going to get what you want (those darned cursed “hows”). It’s a simple model based on breaking down a rather large intention into accessible bits. It is...
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Creative Visualization Using Music and Songs by Miss Wells
Turn your creative visualization sessions into your very own personal music video. Did you know that your favorite songs can help you visualize and manifest your dreams? Using music for creative visualization is not only fun—it’s also incredibly powerful! That’s because it has the power to generate strong passion and positive emotion in you as...
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Your Magic Is Real by Miss Wells
Many years ago I saw a photo of a bedazzled piano that sat in the Lower East Side Girl’s Club in New York City. The piano was kind of beat-up; decorated with paint, love, chaos and rhinestones; and above the keys in between two bunny rabbit emblems were written the words “Your Magic Is Real.”...
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PowerPoint Vision Boards are powerful tools to actualize your dreams and goals with speed and clarity. They are immediate, motivating, dynamic, and completely customized with music and animation to change your vibration from ho-hum to high energy engagement. In this blogpost, I’ll show you examples of PowerPoint Vision Boards, give you instructions, and teach you...
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Make Online Vision Boards
Online vision boards are a game changer in your life because they can be accessed immediately and contain amazingly fresh and dynamic content. With an online mobile vision board you can program yourself with positivity on a consistent basis. This barrage of fresh inspiring information creates new neural pathways that change your attitude and behavior....
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What Is a Vision Board?
A Vision Board is sometimes called a Treasure Map or Dream Board. Whatever you call it, it’s a potent visual tool for manifesting your dreams. Our unconscious minds tend to “think” in pictures and symbols, rather than language. So for many people—especially visual learners—vision boards are far more powerful than merely using affirmations. Better yet,...
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Call Me Miss Wells
My name is Melissa Meredith Wells but you can call me Miss Wells. I have grown increasingly wise and credible with the decades behind me. Decades filled to the brim with creativity, challenges, reinvention, inspiration, a lot of work… and a lot of love and laughter. I am an artist. Since my early teens, I...
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Is the Universe a Customer Support Desk?
Does the Universe sit at a Law of Attraction Customer Support Desk and give you exactly what you ask for? If you ask me, the answer is yes… and no and always. Let’s start with “yes.” Yes, the Universe gives me what I ask for. Some of the time. At times I’ve asked for cool...
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Miss Wells Mission Vision Statement
Mission I support those of us who are willing to redefine the world in a way that is more magical and less cynical; more compassionate and less combative; more about the power of consciousness and less about the power of overpowering. Deciding to let go of conventional wisdom and rely instead on a less tangible...
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The Transformational Motel by Miss Wells
I embarked on a large painting project that represented a substantial request to the universe. I asked to be transformed and to experience life in a whole new way — a more spiritual, enlightened way. I called the painting “The Transformational Motel.” It was 3 feet by 5 feet, which was unusually large for my...
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Hello! I’m Miss Wells, multi-media artist inspiring you to live your purpose with innovative multi-media tools and creative mojo.


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