I’m Melissa Meredith Wells, an artist and Creative Visualization Designer. I create highly effective media and materials that improve and transform your life. These include new vision board technology, visualization planning tools, affirmation writing guidebooks, art, music and breakthrough coaching programs.

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Here I am leading a vision board making party at The House of Colors Art School in Boston. I love teaching classic vision board making in addition to putting together online mobile vision boards.

How Miss Wells Is Different

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to transformation.

I am something of a Renaissance Woman. I’m a painter, musician, techie, businessperson, coach, personal growth enthusiast, and so much more. I’ve invented tools, techniques and methodologies over the years because what I needed did not exist yet.

I used these inventions to transform my own life and I want to share them with you.

I don’t have crystals or a secret chanting recipe, but I do have over 30 years of creative lifestyle design experience and the calling for sharing what I’ve learned. And what I’ve learned is that getting what you want requires these elements: action, attracting resources, flexibility, and a whole lot of believing and patience.

The materials I offer supports each one of these elements plus they are designed for customization. Only you know what buttons need pressing for you to succeed. They must resonate with you on a deep and very real level in order to be truly effective. This is why whether you’re using my DIY media or 1-on-1 coaching programs what you get is designed to be highly personal, uniquely yours and authentic.


My life embraces a wide range of treasured experiences (just the way I like it)—from painting in New York City lofts… to playing live music gigs all over the Northeast… to co-founding an online coaching program in Silicon Valley… to  teaching creative visualization and painting in a Boston area arts school.

I am a multi-media artist, musician, business consultant and content specialist. My formal education happened at Massachusetts College of Art, The School of The Museum of Fine Arts, and Tufts University. But it’s the informal variety that proves most valuable.

There is a continuous thread woven throughout my varied life experiences. Ever since I was quite young, I was always drawn to spiritual and mystical material. It is my true calling! It pervaded—and at times even superseded—all else.

I started my career as a graphic designer, so I always had these very festive, artistic vision boards hanging up around my home and office. When I started doing a lot of technical work (both business and graphics), this brought my vision boards to a whole new level. With PowerPoint they morphed into customized storyboards, complete with music and animation. Then I expanded into creating entire websites as vision boards. The PowerVision Board was born!

The new vision boards were highly organized and focused by what times during the day the material was needed, so when I wanted inspiration to get into action I’d look at one vision board piece and if I needed a long range view of my life to visualization I’d look at another vision board piece. And at the same time the material was becoming more colorful and playful.

Meanwhile, I read every book I could find about affirmations, the law of attraction, and creative visualization in addition to success motivation, creating healthy habits, willpower, and self-mastery. When I get into something, I’m very thorough and I don’t stop until I get it right. On the heels of all this exhaustive research and experimentation, I created unique and powerful systems that make PowerVision Boards far more effective than their simple counterparts.

I still love painting and creating the old fashioned-way. In fact, I’ve been having fun teaching Vision Board Painting at art school. But I love the convenience and effectiveness of mobile vision boards too. I have the best of both worlds.

I’ve worked with a diverse range of people—from the Santa Cruz Derby Girls to CEOs in the Women’s Presidential Organization—and I can honestly say that everyone is unique. Cookie cutter methods are always going to work better for some people and not so well—or not at all—for others.

I co-created a learning style assessment application which is currently being used by many Fortune 100 companies. I am forever changed by what I learned then, and my understanding of personality type and learning styles helps tremendously when coaching clients and customizing visualization gear for them.

melissameredithwells.com to see my fine artwork
thewebempress.com to see web and graphics work


At my favorite beach with some of my favorite people and our dogs.