your magic is real

your magic is real

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to transformation.

I am something of a Renaissance Woman. I’m an artist, techie, entrepreneur, coach, personal growth enthusiast, and so much more.

I’ve invented tools, techniques and methodologies over the years because what I needed did not exist yet.

I used these inventions to transform my own life and I want to share them with you.

The materials I offer are designed for customization.

Only you know what buttons need pressing for you to succeed. They must resonate with you on a deep and very real level in order to be truly effective.

This is why whether you’re using my DIY media or 1-on-1 coaching programs what you get is designed to be highly personal, uniquely yours and authentic.

I have been through the cycles of making some dreams come true while failing at others then coming back again for more. You see I am a creative genius (yup!) I invented tools, techniques and methodologies to pull myself up and persevere and transform my core into a diamond of strength, resolve and confidence.

It takes time and a whole lot of love to make a life creative and fulfilling. You need reminders and support that must come from deep within you and I can help get you there.

What to Expect

I’m Melissa Meredith Wells and I create highly effective media and materials that improve and transform your life.

This includes new vision board technology, visualization planning tools, vision board clip art books, guidebooks and breakthrough coaching programs.

Get more purpose, express more of your creativity, and communicate more of what you want to the Universe and Yourself by using innovative techniques and state of the art digital media.