Introducing the first Vision Board Clip Art Book ever made
Making a Dream-Come-True Vision Board Has Never Been This Easy

The Book That Started
a Movement

Make a vision board that speaks directly to YOU!

The 2020 Vision Board Clip Art Book has over 150 images and 200 words that you can cut and paste into a powerful and effective vision board.

It’s like having 10 magazines compressed into one book so you can make a vision board instantly.

Choose clip art about health, money, family, home, education, beauty, career, wisdom, romance, spirituality, creativity, and travel.

Comes with instructions and an explanation of what a vision board is and how they work.

In 2019 I published the first vision board clip art book of its kind. I came up with the idea because I wanted to give people a way to make vision boards even if they didn’t have many magazines or a decent printer. Once, while teaching vision board making at an art school, I had an idea.

Students repeatedly remarked on how few magazines they had at home so it was hard for them to make vision boards regularly.

The demand for printed material designed exclusively for making vision boards became apparent.

I used clip art books often when I was young graphic designer so I decided to make a clip art book specific to making vision boards.

I put the intention on my vision board got to work publishing the first book of its kind called “The 2020 Vision Board Clip Art Book” and it was a big success. 

8.5 x 11 softcover book with high quality 60lb glossy paper

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Also available as a digital 8.5×11 PDF download for immediate vision board making.

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