PowerPoint Vision Boards
PowerPoint vision boards are my absolute favorite method to make digital and online vision boards. A Powerpoint presentation lends itself to making amazing vision board presentations. Options abound! The layouts are interesting, as you can make PowerPoint slides with any combination of text and imagery, add animations and slide transitions for visual impact… AND set...
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Online Mobile Vision Board blogpost by Miss Wells
With dynamic content like videos, music, articles, quotes, and affirmations, the Online Mobile Vision Board leaves the old cut-and-paste paper variety of Vision Board in the dust. It’s easy to make an online mobile Vision Board with apps you already use—PowerPoint presentations and social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and more. 
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What is a Vision Board blogpost by Miss Wells
A Vision Board is sometimes called a Treasure Map or Dream Board. Whatever you call it, it’s a potent visual tool for manifesting your dreams. Our unconscious minds tend to “think” in pictures and symbols, rather than language. So for many people—especially visual learners—vision boards are far more powerful than merely using affirmations. Better yet,...
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Creative Visualization with Music blogpost by Miss Wells
Did you know that your favorite songs can help you visualize and manifest your dreams? Using music for creative visualization is not only fun—it’s also incredibly powerful! That’s because it has the power to generate strong passion and positive emotion in you as you listen to it. There’s a lot of meditation music out there,...
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The Creative Visualization Designer blogpost by Miss Wells
A Creative Visualization Designer builds a custom portfolio of creative visualization materials such as online vision boards and guided meditations plus a step-by-step visualization routine for you to follow. This is a fresh new method for realizing your goals and dreams.  It combines designed-for-you Visualization Gear with personal consultation to make sure you know exactly how to use...
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This is an ongoing blogpost project about Creative Visualization. I add content to this post every week until it truly becomes “A Creative Visualization Definitive Guide.” Please let me know what you would like to see in this blogpost by commenting below. Creative visualization is a powerful tool for manifesting and creating the life you...
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Call Me Miss Wells blogpost
My name is Melissa Meredith Sturm Danckert Wells but you can call me Miss Wells. I’m in my early 50s now, so I like to think of myself as a “baby crone.” I have grown increasingly wise and credible with the decades behind me—decades filled to the brim with creativity, challenges, reinvention, inspiration, a lot...
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Is Universe Customer Service? blogpost by Miss Wells
Does the Universe sit at a Law of Attraction Customer Support Desk and give you exactly what you ask for? If you ask me, the answer is yes… and no and always. Let’s start with “yes.” Yes, the Universe gives me what I ask for. Some of the time. At times I’ve asked for cool...
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Your Magic Is Real Blogpost by Miss Wells
Several years ago I saw a photo of a bedazzled piano that sat in the Lower East Side Girl’s Club in New York City. The piano was kind of beat-up; decorated with paint, love, chaos and rhinestones.
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Art and Evolution Miss Wells bio portfolio
My credibility as a guide of sorts is based on the interesting life I have lead so far. I felt it necessary to share my life story as a blogpost. I think for me experiencing a life that is interesting, creative, and outside the suppressive elements of society was super important. So here is a...
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Miss Wells
Hello! I’m Miss Wells, multi-media artist and Creative Visualization Designer, inspiring you to live your purpose through innovative multi-media tools and creative mojo.

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