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Thanks for your interest in connecting with me! I’m honored to have you here. Below, you’ll find directions on how to contact me. For the quickest response, I recommend connecting with me on Twitter or Facebook. Those are the places I chat most. I read every single email I receive and do my best to respond, but it may take a week or so to get back to you. Comments on my blog will be the quickest way to address content-related questions.

If you’d like to email me about something (especially to share your vision board material… swoon), then you can contact me here:


I may be available to write or speak about any of the topics I cover on my site (creative visualization, vision boards, affirmations, using motivational boards, PowerPoint vision boards and guided meditation production) for your blog/conference/podcast/summit, etc. Feel free to email me – please include links to your website, dates and deadlines.


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I’m Melissa Meredith Wells (Miss Wells) I am an Artist and Creative Visualization Designer inspiring people to live their purpose using innovative tools, multi-media, and creative mojo.

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