Visualization Designer and Coach

Visualization Designer and Coach

YOUR MAGIC IS REAL and it’s time you started using it! Together, we’ll create powerful visualization materials and routines that work. I call it Creative Evolution. Join Me!

Your journey starts here with a FREE guide to making Mobile Vision Boards on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Plus, I’ll send you weekly inspirational media and tips to help you manifest the life you want.

Are you ready to embrace a solid visualization practice that attracts EXACTLY what you want? And gets you to ACT on exactly what you need to do? And allows you to FEEL exactly how you want to feel? In a way that makes it completely customized, personal and super effective?

Are you ready to visualize your desire and move your ass?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Miss Wells and Ramone
Melissa Meredith Wells with her beloved dog Ramone and MacBook Pro

Hi, I’m Melissa Meredith Wells aka Miss Wells
I’m a Visualization Designer, Coach and Multi-Media Artist.

I love art, wisdom, dogs, wine, friends, laughing, the ocean and vision boards.

Creating innovative tools for you is my passion—tools that help you manifest your dreams and live your life purpose!


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Make Powerful Online Mobile Vision Boards (Start to Manifest Your Goals 100%)

Make your vision board mobile and watch it come alive! With dynamic content like videos, music, articles, quotes, and written and verbal affirmations, the Mobile Vision Board leaves the old cut-and-paste paper variety in the dust. You can create private vision boards with apps you already use, including PowerPoint, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and more. Multi-media goodies amplify the inspiration and strategic vision of an ordinary...
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What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board is a potent visual tool for manifesting your dreams. Our unconscious minds tend to “think” in pictures and symbols, rather than language. So for many people—especially visual learners—vision boards are far more powerful than merely using affirmations. (Combine the two, and you’ve really got a manifesting powerhouse!) Traditionally, the vision board is comprised of a collection of images that you select, depicting wishes,...
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